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Unleash your inner foodie with on-trend ingredients like avocado, quinoa, or ginger. We make it simple to do brunch right with unique salmon, crab, and canned tuna recipes.

Rise ‘n Shine Tuna Tostadas
3.9090909090909, 11

It's all about simplicity. With few ingredients, this dish is full of flavor from savory tuna, sharp cheddar, smooth salsa and silky eggs. The tostada captures the combination of these...

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Tuna Toasties
4.5555555555556, 9

Looking for something fun and easy to make? These toasties combine savory tuna, crisp celery and red apple, raisins and creamy yogurt for a delightful meal that is delicious and...

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Salmon Petites
3.4166666666667, 12

Simple yet sophisticated, these appetizers will delight friends and family alike with their combination of creamy tasting parsley/sour cream pesto and a touch of spice. Topped with our savory and...

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Santa Fe Mini Melts
4.2222222222222, 9

Spice up your day with this dish! Our Santa Fe Mini Melts are easy and fun to prepare with just a few ingredients such as Parmesan cheese, savory tuna, red...

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Salmon Sandwiches with Egg
3.3333333333333, 9

Super-simple open-faced sandwiches make a quick, appealing lunch. If you like, add other garnishes to suit your taste, perhaps pickle slices or thin tomato wedges.

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Fisherman’s Hash
4.7, 10

Salmon, together with bell peppers and tomatoes make the perfect colorful and tasty accompaniment to eggs, any style!

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