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Tuna just does Everything betterTuna just does Everything better

Seriously. It’s packed with lean, powerful, muscle-building protein you don’t need to blend, crack, shake, or bake. It can be as portable as a granola bar — minus the crumbs, plus a handy spork. It’s a stress-free snack. It’s fast food without the drive-thru or delivery fee. It’s the superest (and most affordable) of superfoods. And one of the tastiest of all seafoods.

Yes Bumble Bee!

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Protein Power, Not PowderProtein Power, Not Powder

No shaker required. Our Albacore packs 29g of lean protein per can.

No crumbs.
No sugar crash.No crumbs.
No sugar crash.

Just portable, energy-packed tuna. With a spork.

Super Affordable SuperfoodSuper Affordable Superfood

A healthy option without the hefty price tag.

Faster Than Fast FoodFaster Than Fast Food

And more affordable. And already in your pantry.

Community Choice Awards favorite FishCommunity Choice Awards favorite Fish

We always knew our fish was the best, but now it’s official! The people’s choice for the tastiest fish …. is Bumble Bee. Yes! Bumble Bee!

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