Lunchtime In Record Time.Lunchtime In Record Time.

The Lunch Break is Back.The Lunch Break is Back.

Tuna Just Does
Everything Better

Like lunch, for starters. It’s quick and easy, for those times you only have five minutes to make “healthy and tasty” happen, and oh, so versatile for when you’re ready to explore the limitless possibilities within your pantry. Not to mention, it’s packed with lean, muscle-building protein, and more flavor than you can shake a spork at. So say goodbye to PB&Js and hello to your new lunchtime favorite.

Yes Bumble Bee!

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Protein Power, Not PowderProtein Power, Not Powder

No shaker required. Our Albacore packs 29g of lean protein per can.

No crumbs.
No sugar crash.No crumbs.
No sugar crash.

Just portable, energy-packed tuna. With a spork.

Super Affordable SuperfoodSuper Affordable Superfood

A healthy option without the hefty price tag.

Faster Than Fast FoodFaster Than Fast Food

And more affordable. And already in your pantry.