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Privacy Policy

The Policy contents include:


Bumble Bee Foods, LLC (“Bumble Bee”) uses the following websites.  This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) applies to each.

This Policy refers to these domains as the “Websites.”

Bumble Bee recognizes that people who visit its Websites may want to know how personal information they provide to us – online or otherwise – is  maintained and used.  To address these concerns and demonstrate our firm commitment to transparency and your privacy, we have implemented this Policy so you will know how Bumble Bee gathers, uses, and stores your personal information.

This Policy applies to both online and offline information.

We update this policy every year.  This Policy became effective on March 31, 2022.

By visiting this or any of the other Websites, you accept and consent to the practices described in this Policy.


This Policy applies to all Personal Information collected, processed, or stored by Bumble Bee.  Any information that is personally identifiable – including, but not limited to, your name, address, zip code, email address, IP address, telephone numbers, birth date, and security question answers – is considered Personal Information.


Bumble Bee collects Personal Information from a variety of sources – including information provided by you, technology-enabled services, social media channels, employees, and applicants for employment.

We may collect or use anonymized and aggregated information made available to us through third-party platforms, online databases and directories, or other means.  We require that data sourced from a third party be legitimately and legally obtained.  That information may be governed by the privacy policy of the third party.

The groupings of Personal Information that Bumble Bee may collect are:

  • Information provided by you. We or our third-party service providers may collect information when you subscribe to, or participate on our social media channels.  (To adjust your preferences related to information you provide to Bumble Bee, go to the “HOW CAN YOU MANAGE YOUR PREFERENCES?” section).
  • Technology-enabled collection services. We collect data when you visit the Websites or interact with our other services and technologies.  This information is either automatically collected or is consumer initiated.  (For more details, go to the “HOW DO WE USE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES?” section).
  • Information provided by employees and applicants for employment. We collect Personal Information from employees and applicants for employment relating to their current or prospective employment with us.


Bumble Bee does not sell any personal information we collect.


Bumble Bee has five overriding purposes for collecting Personal Information:

  • Communications
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Employment
  • Operations
  • Fraud Prevention, Security, and Compliance
  1. CommunicationsOur customer service representatives and third-party providers may use the Personal Information you provide to respond to your inquiries, investigate and address any concerns, improve our responses to you, and distribute newsletters or services to which you subscribe.
  2. Advertising and Promotions. We may use Personal Information to provide you with information about our products, services, and promotions.We periodically run Promotions in the form of contests and sweepstakes.  Promotions may be found on our Websites and social media channels.  We ask participants to provide Personal Information for these Promotions, which is used to contact a participant only when necessary in accordance with the Promotion rules.  These Promotions are only available to adults over the age of 18 who reside in the continental United States.  Please see the official rules for each specific Promotion for full details.We may request that you participate in surveys or polls.  If you decide to participate and we post sample answers to polls or surveys on the Websites, we do not include Personal Information without your permission.
  3. Employment.For  employees and applicants for employment with Bumble Bee, we collect Personal Information relating to their current or prospective employment with us.
  4. Operations.To improve the effectiveness of the Websites, products, and customer service, we may use Personal Information to conduct research related to our operations, and perform other logistical and operational activities.We may share Personal Information with third parties who provide services to us, or who work with us to offer products or services online.We participate with partners to share information or match look-alike or similar customer data.  When shared, this information is de-identified or anonymized.
  5. Fraud Prevention, Security, and Compliance.We take security very seriously.  We may use Personal Information that you provide to us to protect our data, assets, security, and integrity of our services, assist law enforcement, and respond to legal or regulatory inquiries.


We collect the following categories of information from consumers:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • IP address
  • Social media names
  • Voicemail recordings
  • Volunteered medical information


We obtain this information from telephone, mail, and email contacts with consumers; company Websites; social media; and third-party vendors.


We use this information to conduct product promotions and contests, operate our “Trace My Catch” feature, facilitate communications with consumers through our “Contact Us” options, and address consumer questions or concerns.


We disclose Personal Information for communications – specifically, our third-party vendor that we employ to address consumer concerns.  We also share Personal Information with third parties that provide certain information technologies as described below – for example, website optimization services.


We retain Personal Information in accordance with legal and policy requirements.


Here is a description of the types of technologies we use when you interact with us online, and your choices regarding these technologies.

Cookies, Pixel Tags, and Flash Cookies

On the Websites and social media channels, we use Cookies and Pixel Tags.

A Cookie is a small piece of computer code sent by a website and stored on the hard disk of your computer.

A Pixel Tag (also known as a tracking pixel, web beacon, or clear GIF) is an embedded image on a website that may register a user’s website activity.

The Cookies that Bumble Bee uses do not contain any Personal Information, and cannot profile your system or collect information from your hard drive.  Although you may receive Cookies from many different websites, each Cookie can only be read by the web server that originally issued it.  You are not identified by name or e-mail address, but rather by a unique string of numbers that we assign the first time you visit the Websites.

At Bumble Bee we use two kinds of Cookies: Persistent Cookies, and Session Cookies.

Persistent Cookies last from visit to visit.  They remain on your hard drive until you erase them, or they expire.  We use persistent Cookies to help you navigate the Websites more efficiently.  For example, we use persistent Cookies to show you items you have previously browsed.  The persistent Cookies we use are Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Pinterest, and Google Adwords.

Session Cookies exist only for as long as your browser remains open.  We use Session Cookies, for example, to collect your information when you subscribe to our email service.

Click on the link to learn more about how Google Analytics anonymizes data.  For options to manage your Cookie Preferences, please see the “HOW CAN YOU MANAGE YOUR PREFERENCES?” section.

Website Optimization Services

Bumble Bee shares Personal Information with our service providers’ tools to understand and optimize website performance, and enhance website usability for our consumers.  These tools run in the background of our Websites, analyzing the website usage information and then returning reports to us through an encrypted connection.  Our service providers are required to maintain data legally, securely, and confidentially, and are not permitted to share data collected with parties other than Bumble Bee.

Advertising Programs

Bumble Bee uses third-party advertising companies to serve interest-based advertisements.  These companies compile information from various online sources – including mobile-enabled browsers and applications – to match user profiles with Bumble Bee ads that we believe will be most relevant, interesting, and timely based on those user profiles.

Bumble Bee has relationships with several social network companies.  These companies have specific interest-based ad programs that match people who have shown interest in Bumble Bee through the Websites or other services and platforms – for example, Facebook and Google properties.  This allows us to deliver relevant, interest-based ads on those companies’ networks.

For information about managing your preferences for these programs, see the “HOW CAN YOU MANAGE YOUR PREFERENCES?” section.


Bumble Bee respects your privacy and your right to “opt out” of receiving communications from us.  This section details how you may express your preferences – including electing to opt out of some of our data collections or uses.

We provide a user the opportunity to opt out of receiving communications from us at the point where we request information about the user.  Likewise, we provide users with the opportunity to change any personal information previously provided, or to opt out of receiving future email communication from us.  It may take up to thirty (30) business days to process your request.

To opt out of receiving communications from us, or updating your Personal Information, use one of the methods in the “HOW CAN YOU CONTACT US OR ASK QUESTIONS?” section of this Policy.

Data Sharing Preferences – Emails

You have the option for us to not to share your information with our third parties for marketing purposes.

Promotional or Specialized Emails, and Transactional Emails

Promotional or Specialized Emails.  From time to time, we send promotional or marketing emails to users who have expressed an interest in receiving email information.

We provide users the option to sign up for our specialized email subscriptions.

To opt-out of receiving promotional or specialized emails from Bumble Bee, you may use the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any of these emails.  You may also opt out by using contacting us online, by mail, or by phone contacts noted in this Policy.

Transactional Emails.  We may separately send email surveys to our customers to collect opinions and feedback about their product experiences so that we may improve our services.

Transactional emails as defined by the CAN-SPAM Act (for example, product recall information and survey emails) do not provide an opt-out option.

Managing your browser preferences

You can manage your Website Optimization Service preferences in your computer’s browser through – for example – anonymous browsing and opt-out options.  Please contact your browser provider for more information.


If Bumble Bee or any of its subsidiaries is sold or acquired by a third party (including through an asset sale, merger or similar transaction), all Bumble Bee data assets will be transferred to, and become the property of, the acquiring party.  That party will be subject to any consent, opt-outs, or other consumer conditions regarding data.  A change in data ownership may or may not include a notice on a Website.


At Bumble Bee, we are committed to providing a safe Internet environment for you and your children. Although we do not actively promote the Websites to children under 18 years of age, children and young adults are able to explore them.

We do not knowingly collect information from children.

We recognize the unique issues involving the protection of children’s privacy over the Internet.  If we decide to actively promote the Websites to children, we will design them to comply with the requirements of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) guidelines for websites gathering identifiable information from children under age 13.  Consistent with these requirements and guidelines, and provided we have been given accurate information by the child when asked, we will NOT:

  • Collect personally identifiable off-line contact information without prior parental consent;
  • Distribute to third parties any personally identifiable information without prior parental consent;
  • Entice children by the prospect of a special game, prize or other activity, to divulge more information than is needed to participate in the activity;
  • Enable children to publicly post or otherwise distribute personally identifiable contact information without prior parental consent;
  • Use or disclose on-line contact information without prior parental consent or parental notification, which will include an opportunity for the parent to prevent use of the information and participation in the activity. Without prior parental consent, on-line information will only be used to respond directly to the child’s request, and will not be used for other purposes without prior parental consent.

We urge parents to spend time with their children on the Websites to learn more Bumble Bee, and our delicious products and recipes.  Although Bumble Bee will  do all we can to ensure your child’s privacy and safety, informed parents are the best protectors of their children.

Parents can always ask to review any Personal Information about their child that may have been collected at one of the Websites, have us delete any such Personal Information, and instruct us not to collect or use any Personal Information about their child in the future.  To do so, simply contact us following the procedure in the “MANAGING YOUR PREFERENCES” section of this Policy.


General disclosures to consumers

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (or CCPA), unless legally exempted, California consumers have the right to request a business that collects Personal Information about them to disclose free of charge:

  • The categories of Personal Information a business has collected about them over the last 12-months;
  • The categories of sources from which the Personal Information is collected;
  • The categories of Personal Information that a business sold or disclosed for a business purpose about them;
  • The business or commercial purpose for collecting or selling Personal Information;
  • The categories of third parties with whom a business shares Personal Information;
  • The specific pieces of Personal Information a business has collected about them.

Disclosure of information sold or disclosed for a business purpose

Consumers have the right to request that a business that sells their Personal Information, or that discloses it for a business purpose, disclose to them:

  • The categories of personal information that the business collected about them;
  • The categories of personal information that the business disclosed about them for a business purpose over the last 12 months.

Bumble Bee does not sell any Personal Information we collect – including that related to persons under the age of 16.

Deletion of Personal Information

Consumers also have the right to request that the business delete any Personal Information about them which a business has collected from them – unless legally exempted.  For example, this right does not apply where the business needs to retain the personal information to:

  • Provide goods or services to the consumer;
  • Detect or resolve issues security or technical issues;
  • Conduct public interest research;
  • Safeguard the right to free speech;
  • Conduct internal activity that a consumer would reasonably expect; or
  • Comply with the law.

Correction of inaccurate information

Consumers have the right to request correction of inaccurate personal information collected by a business.

Non-discrimination for exercising CCPA rights

A business may not discriminate against a consumer because the consumer exercised any of their rights under the CCPA.  For example, a business may not:

  • Deny or threaten to deny the consumer goods or services;
  • Charge the consumer different prices for goods or services by denying benefits or charging more for them, or threaten to do so; or
  • Provide or threaten to provide the consumer with a different level or quality of goods or services.

How to exercise rights under the CCPA

California consumers requesting information, or the deletion of Personal Information under the CCPA may submit a verifiable request (meaning one that a business can reasonably verify) using one of the methods described in the “HOW CAN YOU CONTACT US OR ASK QUESTIONS?” section of this Policy.

Only the consumer or an authorized agent of the consumer may make a verifiable request for information.  A consumer may also make a verifiable request for that consumer’s minor children.

Consumers may submit requests twice within 12 months.

Within ten business days of receiving a request, Bumble Bee will confirm receipt and provide information about how the request will be processed, including the verification process and when the response should be expected.

Bumble Bee will conduct a search of records for responsive information, and then respond to requests within 45 days at no cost to the requestor.


We have in place procedural, technical, and administrative measures to safeguard the information we collect and use.

As a matter of policy, we do not disclose details regarding our security measures because they could be used by those who intend harm, or violate the law.

While Bumble Bee takes every reasonable step to securely maintain all information, no safeguards or standards are guaranteed to provide 100% security.  We encourage you to use appropriate self-protection measures and practice safe browsing on all websites.

Finally, some who intend harm attempt to use our brand to create fake websites, send fake texts or emails, and conduct other activities to commit fraud or attempt to breach consumers’ security.  If you receive anything with the Bumble Bee brand that seems suspicious, please contact us using one of the methods described in the “HOW CAN YOU CONTACT US OR ASK QUESTIONS?” section of this Policy.


Intellectual property includes material protected by copyright or trademark.

Bumble Bee’s policy is to protect its own intellectual property, while respecting that of others.

If you have a good faith belief that Bumble Bee has infringed on your rights protected by a copyright or trademark, you may file notice with our Trademark Department. Your notice must include:

  • Your full name;
  • Mailing address;
  • Email address;
  • Phone number;
  • Complete description of protected intellectual property;
  • Proof of intellectual property protection – for example, trademark number or other registration information;
  • Jurisdiction in which your intellectual property is protected;
  • Information reasonably sufficient to permit us to locate the protected intellectual property on a Bumble Bee Website (for example, a URL);
  • A statement as to why you believe Bumble Bee infringed upon your protected intellectual property;
  • A statement under the penalty of perjury that you, as the owner of the intellectual property, did not authorize Bumble Bee the use the intellectual property; and
  • Your signature.

Please send your written notice to:

Bumble Bee Foods, LLC
Trademark Department
280 Tenth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

Bumble Bee takes intellectual property rights seriously and will investigate the matter.

You have three ways to contact us with any questions or requests:

You can contact us on our online contact form located on our Contact Us page.

You can send us a letter at:

Bumble Bee Seafoods
ATTN: Privacy Office
P.O. Box 85362
San Diego, CA  92186

You can contact us at our toll-free number 800-800-8572.