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Big Game

Score major points in the kitchen while watching the big game. Bumble Bee makes it quick and effortless. Get creative with your finger foods using our fun salmon, chicken, and canned tuna recipes.

Smoky Tuna Bacon Burger
4.2857142857143, 14

Steak house meets ocean as the flavors of smoky bacon and spicy jalapeno combine to create a savory and satisfactory burger. Sandwiched between a tender whole grain bun, these flavorful...

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Tuna Pita Melt
4.4444444444444, 18

Easy, delicious and flavorful, this take on pizza is perfect for anytime!

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English Muffin Pizza with Tasty Tomato Basil
4.8378378378378, 37

The simplest make-your-own pizza ever! Let everyone combine their own ingredients like tuna, tomatoes, and cheese atop English muffins to create individual masterpieces they'll all rave about!

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Salmon Burgers
3.8076923076923, 52

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Red Potato and Tuna Toss
4.8888888888889, 9

Take your traditional potato salad to another level! With just a few simple ingredients such as red potatoes, savory tuna, crisp green peppers, dill and olive oil, this salad is...

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