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Spicy Salmon Sushi Roll
3.3684210526316, 19

Why go out when you can make incredible spicy salmon rolls at home? These rolls offer veggies, whole grains, and lean protein -- in a fun form the entire family...

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Crunchy Asian Salmon Salad Wrap
3.7428571428571, 35

This fun, flavorful, and crunchy take on traditional salmon salad uses Asian inspired flavors to create a light dressing for the salmon and veggies. Like tiny pieces of confetti, carrots,...

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Sundried Tomato Rosemary Salmon Burgers
4.5454545454545, 33

The savory flavors of sundried tomatoes and rosemary are the perfect complement in these hearty salmon burgers. Serving on a whole wheat bun adds healthy whole grain fiber to this...

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Pesto Salmon Burger
4.4324324324324, 37

The rich flavors of homemade pesto meld with this classic salmon burger for a creative take on a classic. It's so simple, yet tastes so complex, you'll be asking yourself...

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Cumin-Lime Salmon and Black Bean Tostadas
4, 25

Take your taste buds on vacation with these light and flavorful tostadas. Crunchy tortillas are topped with black beans, chunks of premium salmon, and a flavorful creamy sauce, to create...

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California Salmon Wraps
4.2068965517241, 29

Step out of the ordinary with this Baja-inspired wrap! With just a few ingredients like crisp lettuce, buttery avocado, juicy tomatoes, moist salmon and crunchy bell peppers, this wrap is...

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Crispy Salmon and Cream Cheese Wontons
3.9411764705882, 17

Crispy on the outside and delicious on the inside, these wontons look deceptively unassuming but they pack a delightful flavor that is sure to please everyone. With just a few...

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Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel with Egg
3.3529411764706, 17

Chic, flavorful and just plain impressive, this bagel will delight at the first bite! It packs flavor and nutrition while still being quick and easy to prepare with a few...

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Slammin Salmon Quesadillas
4.4848484848485, 33

Here is a sure way to get your family to eat more seafood. And since it is so easy to make, get the whole gang in the kitchen making their...

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