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Father’s Day Healthy Gift Guide


Father’s Day Healthy Gift Guide

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Father’s Day is the perfect time to gift your dad something that he will not only enjoy, but that will add to his healthy habits. We’ve put together a roundup of gift ideas, all geared toward healthy habits and fun, that range in price from less than $5 to $249. There’s something for every price point and every dad in our Father’s Day healthy gift guide!

Healthy Gift Guide for Father’s Day

Homemade Dinners: If you live near your dad, drop by with a box of food from an organic meal prep company like Green Chef ($10.49-$14.99 per meal) and cook up a delicious dinner together. If you don’t live nearby, have a box or two delivered so dad can whip up dinner in no time on his own. The great thing about Green Chef, and other services like it, is that it’s a mini cooking lesson with each meal!

Mindfulness: Mindfulness affects every aspect of life, from work to personal relationships to even the smallest details of our daily routine. Practicing mindfulness daily can help dad feel less stressed and happier. The Muse ($249) headband senses brain waves and gives the wearer real-time feedback so he  can hone his meditation skills efficiently and effectively. For smart-phone toting dads, the Buddhify app ($4.99) allows the user to choose from various scenarios and feelings to find a meditation that fits the situation.

Yoga: Flexibility and strength are both major pieces of overall health and healthy aging. Sometimes a yoga class can be intimidating for beginners, or the class times don’t align with work schedules, etc. which is why we love Dirty Yoga’s beginners class package of online classes ($15 for 28 day access to their website). The classes are specifically designed to be taken online and there’s always fresh content, so you don’t repeat classes.

Groceries: Make grocery shopping and healthy eating super easy for your dad with a membership to Thrive Market ($59.95 for a year membership). Thrive Market is a discount, subscription-based online store that sells lots of healthy eating staples. Either put an order together for your dad or send him a gift card so he can put together his own order.

Cooking Class: Think your dad might have a good time upping his kitchen game? The well respected magazine Cook’s Illustrated has an online cooking school ($20 for one month) that offers up expert instructors to teach everything from basics to the more complex. And if he loves gadgets, the Pantelligent ($199) (item no longer on the market) is a pan with a built in temperature gauge that connects to a smart phone and tells you exactly what to do to get perfect results. For a more classic kitchen gadget, consider a high quality grill pan like the pre-seasoned one from Lodge ($20). With this tool, your dad can grill up a feast even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

That’s our Father’s Day healthy gift guide – what’s the best Father’s Day gift you’ve ever given or received?



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