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Easter Brunch Recipe Roundup


Easter Brunch Recipe Roundup

We love a cozy, laid back Easter morning. Mainly because it leads to a delicious Easter brunch! Our ideal brunch combines a variety of sweet and savory dishes to allow guests (and us) to put together a plate with flavor and texture variety. Here are some recipes we’ve been making, or have had our eyes on, for our own Easter brunches this year.

Kale Quinoa Bites: These bite-sized quinoa-feta-kale bites are like mini crustless quiches and perfect for brunch when people want to try just a bite or two of multiple dishes. You can even put these out ahead of time to keep guests’ hunger at bay before the main meal is served. We love Heidi Swanson, from 101 Cookbooks, for her creative, yet simple recipes.

Broiled grapefruit: Every brunch table needs something easy but impressive. This is that dish. This makes such a sunny, tasty addition to a brunch table. Erin from The Forest Feast hits a home run with this one (and all of her recipes).

Sesame, Coconut, Turmeric French Toast: A fun and flavorful spin on traditional French toast and a new recipe on our C&J Nutrition Blog. Slice individual pieces of French toast in half (or even into French toast fingers) and let guests top them with the same toppings they’d use at the parfait station (see below).

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Maple Butter: We love having at least one type of veggie dish at brunch. You can mix it with scrambled eggs or just pair it with some of the other savory options. This dish, from Jessica at Feed Me Dearly, combines two classic breakfast flavors, maple syrup and bacon, with Brussels sprouts to add a pop of color, fun flavor, and a veggie serving to the table.

Chunky Chocolate Buckwheat Granola: A yogurt parfait station is a great way to allow guests to DIY their personalized brunch creation. Put out bowls of berries, nuts/seeds, plain yogurt, nut butters, and this granola, and let people get creative. If you haven’t discovered the amazing food that Sarah from My New Roots creates, let this granola be your introduction.

Whole Grain Tuna Quesadilla: Make a few batches of this quesadilla and slice into small wedges. This dish provides a delicious, savory option to balance out the sweet dishes at brunch.

Strawberry Nectarine Smoothie: Having a smoothie offered up in small glasses is a nice way to tame guests’ appetites as well as incorporate fruit into the meal in a creative way.  We love Matt, from Real Food by Dad, and his simple approach to delicious smoothie creations.

Any favorite recipes to add?

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