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Soup and Salad

Go beyond basic! Soup and salad will never be the same after trying one of our convenient salmon, chicken, or canned tuna recipes.

Cheese Shrimp Chowder

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Tuna Spinach Salad

Simplicity is what makes this dish so delightful and the interaction of all seven ingredients makes this dish so fantastic. The sweet tomatoes, the buttery avocado, the crunchy red onion,...

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Oyster Veggie Chowder

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Lemon & Pepper Tuna Salad

Nutritious, flavorful, colorful and easy to make are the traits of this Lemon & Pepper Tuna Salad that will exceed your expectations! Just combine fresh ingredients like asparagus, tomatoes, cucumber,...

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Creamy Salmon Soup

You can have this velvety salmon-vegetable soup ready to serve in about half an hour. It's a great warm-up for a chilly day; you might accompany it with crisp crackers...

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Salmon Pasta Salad

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