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Soup and Salad

Go beyond basic! Soup and salad will never be the same after trying one of our convenient salmon, chicken, or canned tuna recipes.

Nicoise Potato Soup

This potato dish has all of the components of your favorite tuna nicoise salad, but in a soup.

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Tuna Salad, Brie, and Pear on Whole Wheat Baguette

This is not your typical tuna salad sandwich! Pears add the perfect sweetness and complement to creamy brie and tuna with a creamy tarragon dressing. A match made it picnic...

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Cinnamon Curry Tuna Salad

By Sarah at In The Know Mom

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Corn Arepa with Tuna and Avocado Salad

By Chef Doreen Colondres Arepas are a Venezuelan staple. They are corn cakes made from an easy-to-find precooked corn flour called "masarepa". You can top the arepas with this refreshing...

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Watercress Tuna Salad with Orange, Avocado and Orange-Cumin Vinaigrette

Refreshing orange and watercress are topped with avocado and tuna and dressed with an orange-cumin vinaigrette. This salad is both light and satisfying.

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Tuna Tabouli Salad

Bulgur wheat, parsley, tomato, and fresh lemon juice are the perfect compliments to tuna in this traditional tabouli recipe. With all of the nutrients for a balanced meal, this is...

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Tuna Salad with Walnut Pesto in Endive Cups

Crisp endive is drizzled with walnut pesto and filled with tuna salad to make a tasty crunchy bite. The pesto-tuna combination is delicious, healthy, and not your average tuna salad...

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Tuna Radish Salad with Parsley and Lemon Tahini Dressing

Tuna paired with peppery radishes, parsley and chives in a creamy lemon tahini dressing comes together in 10 minutes for a fast, delicious meal.

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Tuna Quinoa Salad

By Sarah Roberts at Handmade Mood

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Tropical Tuna Salad

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