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Great food is always in season. Whether you’re planning a spring celebration or a fall tailgate, we have the perfect meal, side dish, or appetizer to match the occasion. Discover our delicious seasonal salmon, chicken, or canned tuna recipes.

Simple Ceviche Tostadas
3.8085106382979, 47

Our whole family loves seafood, I like to think they get their sophisticated taste in food from me! :) We particularly enjoy ceviche {especially with Bumble Bee's Solid White Albacore}. It's...

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Tuna Salad Stuffed Shells
4.4210526315789, 38

These tuna salad stuffed shells make a delicious (and veggie packed) after-school snack and because they can be eaten without utensils they are perfect to pack up for a picnic!

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Tuna Fried Rice
4.3636363636364, 55

Part of a series bento recipes: tuna fried rice and recipes for tuna kimbap (sushi rolls), and tuna rice balls (all found on the link below).  The recipes make more than enough...

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Paleo Tuna Melts on Sweet Potato Toast
4, 45

Gluten Free and Dairy Free! The ultimate paleo tuna melt! These deliciously healthy open-faced sandwiches have everything you love about a classic tuna melt without using any dairy or gluten....

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Tuna, Veggie and Wild Rice Salad
4.5277777777778, 36

Who doesn’t love a great tasting, quick & easy weeknight meal?! I don’t think anyone loves them more than us parents that are preparing them! After a long day at...

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Chopped Salad with Tuna, Avocado and Chili-Lime Vinaigrette
4.0740740740741, 27

The bright flavors in this salad are perfectly balanced with goat cheese, avocado, and sunflower seeds to create a salad that everyone will love. And because this salad is so...

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Tuna Zoodle Casserole
4.0217391304348, 46

A classic dish gets a modern makeover with this dish where zucchini is sliced into noodle shapes and used in place of traditional pasta. The creative swap lightens up the...

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Tuna Barley Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Crispy Bacon
4.6896551724138, 29

These rolls combine hearty flavors like bacon and tuna with ingredients that won't weigh you down. They're packed with whole grains and veggies, which partner with the lean protein in...

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Tuna Turkey Bacon Melt
4.0967741935484, 31

Enjoy an ooey gooey bacon-y tuna melt. Turkey bacon and fresh basil add flavor while provolone takes the place of your traditional American or cheddar.

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Chia Hemp Crusted Tuna Cakes over Cabbage Slaw
4.4193548387097, 31

Crispy tuna cakes are crusted with hemp and chia seeds, making them loaded with healthy omega 3 fats from tuna, chia and hemp seeds, in addition to great flavor. They're...

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