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Dinner is a snap with our simple meal ideas. Whether it’s a quick and healthy salad or a classic comfort food like tuna casserole, discover your next meal here with our delicious salmon, chicken, and canned tuna recipes.

Salmon Spuds
3.5714285714286, 14

Try this old favorite!

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Salmon Kedgeree
4.0769230769231, 13

An old Bumble Bee Favorite, brought back just for you!

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Cheeseless Tuna Veggie Pizza
4.375, 8

A healthful twist of your traditional pizza, this dish is fun to make so bring the whole family in to help out! They'll enjoy customizing their pizzas with juicy tomatoes,...

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Salmon Ramekins with Hollandaise
4, 21

Dinner for two goes together in a snap when you make this recipe. All the ingredients are easily kept on hand in the cup-board and freezer.

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Tuna Fiesta Soft Tacos
4.5, 6

Head south-of-the-border with this delightful, nutritious and easy to prepare dish that is sure to please everyone at the table. From savory tuna and Cotija cheese to fresh avocado, black...

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