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What’s your cooking style? Discover great-tasting recipes to meet your needs, whether you’re in a time crunch, planning family night, or in health mode. Browse our salmon, chicken, or canned tuna recipes now.

Salmon Spuds
3.5714285714286, 14

Try this old favorite!

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Rise ‘n Shine Tuna Tostadas
3.9090909090909, 11

It's all about simplicity. With few ingredients, this dish is full of flavor from savory tuna, sharp cheddar, smooth salsa and silky eggs. The tostada captures the combination of these...

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Salmon Kedgeree
4.0769230769231, 13

An old Bumble Bee Favorite, brought back just for you!

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Salmon Salad with Oranges
3.8, 10

Salmon and citrus are good flavor partners. Here, salmon chunks combine with fresh orange segments, pimento-stuffed olives, and a tangy sour cream dressing for a piquant main-dish salad.

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Salmon Vegetable Casserole
3.4285714285714, 14

An old Bumble Bee favorite, brought back just for you!

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Albacore Artichoke Sandwiches
3.7142857142857, 7

Escape the ordinary with this delicious, easy to prepare sandwich. It brings together the perfect mix of flavors from hearty artichokes, savory tuna, juicy tomatoes and sweet roasted red bell...

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