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Q&A: What’s the difference between the various types of canned tuna?


Q&A: What’s the difference between the various types of canned tuna?

Bee Nutritious Types Of Canned Tuna


Answer: One of our favorite things about canned tuna is that there are numerous varieties that offer different qualities in terms of taste, texture, and price. Our answer below includes the primary differences between the most common types of canned tuna: white albacore and light (both solid and chunk), as well as their best uses and any differences in their nutritional values.

White Tuna, including solid white albacore tuna and chunk white, refers only to the albacore tuna variety. Albacore tuna is a larger fish with a lighter colored flesh, a firmer texture, and a milder flavor than the solid or chunk light fish varieties. For this reason, some people prefer albacore over light for dishes that merit a milder flavor (like this tuna bruschetta recipe).

Light Tuna can be a mix of a variety of smaller tuna species, most often skipjack, but may also include yellowfin, tongol, or big-eye. The best uses for solid or chunk light tuna are in tuna salads, pasta dishes, and casseroles, where the slightly stronger flavor shines through. Chunk light tuna is also the least expensive variety of canned tuna — another perk!

Solid vs. Chunk indicates the size of the pieces of tuna in the can. For example, as previously mentioned in this article, there is “solid white albacore” and “chunk white albacore”. Solid tuna means that it has larger, firmer pieces with fewer flakes; whereas chunk tuna comes in smaller pieces that vary in size. But through it all, keep in mind that only albacore will do.

Nutritionally, all types of canned tuna offer lean protein, omega-3 fats, selenium, and other important nutrients. While albacore tuna is slightly higher in fat and calories, the difference is minimal enough that it shouldn’t deter you.

We like solid and chunk tuna for different reasons, and tend to use both for a variety of canned tuna recipes. For instance, we love the new Bumble Bee® Prime Fillet® Solid Light Tuna – Tonno in Olive Oil for its light flavor, which is perfect for setting atop a bed of greens, like in this delightful root vegetable recipe. We still keep chunk light tuna as a staple to use in our favorite tuna salad, or to use in this modern, lighter version of a tuna casserole.

If you’d like to learn more about the differences between these common types of tuna, definitely give our Solid White Albacore Tuna vs. Chunk Light Tuna page a read.

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108 Comments on “Q&A: What’s the difference between the various types of canned tuna?”

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    So my daughter is convinced that albacore tuna in a gold can is superior to the white can,, personally I havn’t tried it as I feel it’s another big company ploy to mess with our heads and then wallets.
    Look if it’s a obetter product then ill pay more..
    What do you folks think that have tried the diffrrance I’ve tried contacting the tuna company…..
    No reply!!!!! REALLY, that’s just what I expected…

    1. Pat Tegner

      Hi. In answer to your question, if you are too stupid to know how to spell, punctuate, and properly construct sentences, you are too stupid for any kind of tuna to make any difference.

      1. Beth

        No need to be so rude to anyone, because it doesn’t make you look smarter or more educated. It just makes you appear petty and rude.

      2. Cathy

        Wow, somebody feels superior today. How rude! Wouldn’t it be easier just to answer the question since you obviously know everything? Do better next time. You will feel so much better about your self. You can do this!😊

      3. Mike

        This Pat guy clearly doesn’t know how to form a proper sentence himself. No need to be rude and act like you’re better.

      4. Connie

        You say you’re the stupid one, Your reply indicates your ignorance.
        I really think the difference in the tuners is a matter of taste. The chunk light is tastier and more moist whereas, the chunk White is a little more dry and little bland

    2. Dave

      Fancy Solid white albacore tuna is the best tasting tuna out there,of course I kill it with light Hellman’s mayo that enhanced it tremendously if you want just a plain sandwich even without veggies.
      However most of you out there will cut up veggies to complete a healthy meal.Try the “Daagim or Wegmans brand those are the best.

    3. susan

      Yes, definitely better quality. I try to buy it when it is on sale, it is expensive. But worth it in my opinion. Try it yourself, you will notice a difference, look and taste.

    4. Gary Wells

      Albacore Tuna has an extremely high Mercury content where as light Tuna, though it does contain Mercury is less than one third of that as Albacore Tuna.
      It is suggested that women eat no more than 6oz of Albacore Tuna per month where as men may eat 8ozs per month.
      Light Tuna eat it up.

  3. William Moore

    I recently purchased 10 cans of Bumble Bee white albacore tuna in water. Every can I have opened is off white and smelly as hell.It is not the same quality product as I consumed all my life. I hadn’t been eating tuna fish because of the mercury content of white albacore. Quite frankly, your product scares me. I have a cat, but I’m too afraid to feed it to him.

    1. Fima Ruchman

      Sorry,but the best canned tuna comes from Ecuador, fished in the territorial waters of Ecuador, which the Pacific, in a fleet of Ecuador´s ships, no mercury. In two words The Best Tuna comes from Ecuador.

      1. Marcos

        I’m sorry but how can you say that tuna from Ecuador has no mercury? That is literally a lie. Tuna is a migratory species and the tuna caught in Ecuador has been moving from different oceans all through his life. The mercury content is lower is small fish since they did not have the change to eat much heavy metals (mercury included) because they are younger. Exactly the same with human beings or any other species. So skipjack tuna with 2-5Kg per piece are the ones who have a lower mercury content. The rest is propaganda

    2. Deb Reynolds

      I am 65 years young… I also find the Albacore Tuna does not taste the same, as what used to be very good Tuna. Most stores I checked is ALL Albacore from Thailand …. yuck!
      I’ve noticed this change about 2 years ago. Used to be huge tuna lover.
      Deb June 2019

    3. Pat Tegner

      Hi. Fish is smelly. That’s just how fish is, especially if it has been sitting in a can for 6 months. Your cat will absolutely love it and won’t turn up his/her nose.

  4. george

    Like any big company Bumble bee primary concern is profit not customers, so when the fish in the oceans are less abundant than 10y ago they “developed”new ways to increase profits-like
    use more creative inferior fish and fish parts that are grounded and mixed together to be sold as “solid”-this is the reason most of the complaints here are about hamburger (pregrounded before canning) fish meat instead solid -That is secret to customers-
    Please stop trying to sell the customers the excuse that the machine cut the fish etc… when you know very well that you changed the technology and now you ground and mix together a variety of fish or left over tuna paths and pack them in cans sold as solid-I know this from a former worker in your factory.
    That kind of misleadings is bringing good profits and personally I don’t think that nutritional will make any difference but it is dishonest to label hamburger fish as solid and charge more for inferior products. Many other food industry in USA are doing the same due to lack of legislation that lobbyists bought from congress.How much Bumble bee spend to buy legislators so the can sell anything as high quality products and get away with it?

    1. Fima Ruchman

      It is impossible to explain better what is happening with canned tuna. You should be convinced where the canned tuna comes from before you pay a high prices for tuna that you do not know where it was fished and canned.

  5. Arnold

    Does Albacore Tuna has more mercury content compare to other Canned Tuna which ha SkipJack tuna that has a smaller content.

    They say albacore tuna has 3 times mercury content than SkipJack tuna.

    How true is this?


    1. Bumble Bee Team

      Hi Arnold. Mercury levels can depend on the size and age of the fish, and the area of the catch, however, canned tuna
      meets all health and safety standards set by the FDA, which has established the maximum safe level of methyl
      mercury allowed in commercial seafood at 1.0 parts per million. For more information, check out the FAQ’s section
      of our website: http://www.bumblebee.com/faqs

      1. Ann

        Topic of where caught. Product of China. Canned in USA. Read warnings about consuming foods from China. How can I feel safe with your product? Purchased several very low sodium solid white albacore. Very concerned by media warnings. Additives, unsanitary practices in China, make me wanting to return the product. Please respond.

      2. Susan Scherer

        I will not eat tuna with a high level of mercury, so albacore is out of the question.

        Because of the pandemic, I can’t get my usual brands of chunk or skipjack tuna which I find satisfactory, Trader Joe’s or Market Basket. The other day, I purchased Bumblebee Chunk Light. It was pretty disgusting: water with some flakes of tuna in it.

        I don’t believe your story that flakes happen by themselves in the can. It wasn’t this way years ago. I have watched tuna quality go downhill for many decades. How can Trader Joe’s and Market Basket put out a good product and you can’t? They don’t seem to have the flaking problem.

    2. Pat Tegner

      Hi. It is probably best to ask “they” about mercury content. Remember, mercury content is good for you. Why else would “they” use it in fluorescent lights and the newer CFL bulbs? Always remember, there is no more or less mercury on our planet than when it was created.

  6. Edward wong

    Which variety would you suggest for a nice tuna fish sandwich recipe? And is there an official tuna fish sandwich recipe? Thanks.

      1. Sam Moskowitz

        I enjoyed your video and agree the taste of your products is great. I admit that I am a big fish eater especially your tuna products and sushi. I stopped eating tuna sushi because of the highest mercury level. In fact, when I checked my mercury level it was four times normal and the dept of health called me. I avoid tuna sushi but still eat lots of your tuna bi checked mercury levels for tuna and found that the lowest is in the light tuna but that does not look good for the typical tuna sandwich. As you might have guessed, I am a physician and try to watch all issues related to health. Please advise. Tuna on bagel remains my favorite lunch!

        1. Fima Ruchman

          Sorry,but the best canned tuna comes from Ecuador, fished in the territorial waters of Ecuador, which the Pacific, in a fleet of Ecuador´s ships, no mercury. In two words The Best Tuna comes from Ecuador.

    1. Kellie

      Hello Edward,

      Even though you asked this question a few months ago, I feel it deserves an answer other than bumblebee. My preferred brand of tuna is Sustainable Seas From Wild Planet Foods. Anything from Wild Planet is going to be good, but seriously, their Tuna (in all forms) is fantastic. They’re also NOT made or caught in China. They also use “the pole-and-troll fishing method in order to prevent the destruction of habitats in the ocean”. I believe all their tuna is caught off the coast of Thailand. Love this brand.

      1. Susan

        I’m confused with your post because I just picked up an 8 pack of bumble bee solid white albacore and it says product of Thailand

      2. Cathy

        I went to the website for them and solid albacore isn’t available only chunk. Do you know why not. Most everything I tried that comes chunk or chopped has a little bit of the undesirable piece of the meat or fish mixed in with it.

  7. Tosha M. Patterson-Roddy

    I have eaten bumble bee since a kid and I must say I’ve had nothing but great tasting tuna. I buy the solid white albacore and now I buy the can that says wild caught and I love it!!! I always buy the one in vegetable oil because I actually use the oil on my salad and it gives it an amazing added flavor especially when I make macaroni/tuna salad!

  8. Aubrey

    Just wanted to say that I buy the 12oz cans of Solid white albacore. The firmness, taste and color were far better than any other brand. You can’t please everyone.

  9. Khorae Olivier

    I found it really interesting when you explained what types of tuna are referred to by “white tuna” as the albacore tuna variety. I’ve been trying to learn more about the food I eat and make sure I’m making healthy choices. Thank you for the information about how albacore is a larger fish with light colored flesh and is preferred in dishes where you want a lighter, milder flavor.

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      You’re so welcome, Khorae! We’re glad to hear you enjoyed this article. Be sure to check out some of our delicious recipes featuring Solid White Albacore and let us know what you think.

  10. Victor Michael

    Why you guys call this stuff tuna is beyond me.

    on a scale from 1 to 10 Bumble Bee is a big Fat 0

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      Hi Victor, we appreciate any and all feedback from our customers. If you’ve had a specific displeasing experience with our tuna, please give us a call at 1-800-800-8572.
      We’d like to do anything we can to regain your confidence in our products.

  11. valarie fane

    I purchased 2 cans or Bumble Bee Tuna and cans were marked “Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore in water” When I opened cans, the tuna was pinkish and in small pieces. Now, I do not think this qualifies to be called (nor priced) as solid white albacore. The following numbers are on bottom of 1 can: 7343SFBSKP 2Q:37, Best if used by Dec 15 2020.
    Cans were purchased from Meijer market located in Southfield MI 48034 and also have purchased same brand from Target stores in Southfield, MI.
    Why are cans marked one way and contents something entirely different?

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      Hi Valarie! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Solid style product is machine packed from the whole loin of the tuna. A special filling machine cuts a measured section of fish and inserts it into the can. Fish that have a slightly softer texture than others break up more easily during and after canning – including handling during shipping and case handling as it gets to the shelf, which can affect the appearance of the finished product. We strive to produce cans that are consistently uniform in appearance and assure you we are dedicated to bringing the consumer the highest quality available. If you’d like to get in touch with our consumer affairs team directly, we recommend you contact us at this number: 1-800-800-8572. Thanks!

    2. Lisa Grear

      I have reported this a couple of times to Bumble Bee. Purchased at Costco in a 10 can pack and all the cans are Chunk (brownish, watery pieces). In fact, I just mailed them a can from the 10 pack I purchased. Definitely, not SOLID.

      1. Bumble Bee Team

        Hi Lisa, thanks for reaching out. We’re sorry to hear you were displeased with our product. If you’re willing to give our Consumer Affairs team a call, we’d be happy to resolve this for you. Our number is 1-800-800-8572. Thanks and have a lovely day!

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      Hi Trish! Our products are largely free of soy. Any soy found in Bumble Bee products is usually a component of the vegetable broth used to flavor the tuna, a practice that has been used in the industry for decades. Here’s the list of ingredients we used within the vegetable broth: Carrots, peas, green & red bell peppers, parsley, celery and sometimes soy. If soy is used within the vegetable broth it will be stated on the label “CONTAINS: TUNA, SOY”. If you’d like to try a Bumble Bee albacore product without any vegetable broth, we recommend our Prime Fillet Very Low Sodium Solid White Albacore in Water. Its premium, hand-selected solid white albacore packed in pure water — without broths or extra additives. This is our firmest, whitest, highest-quality Albacore ever. And it’s extra-low on sodium for special diet considerations.

  12. Kitty

    What is the difference with the new cans that are marked albacore wild caught I had bad reaction to this tuna. Always bought your albacore before and was fine but cannot eat the cans marked albacore wild caught

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      Hi there! All of our tuna is wild caught and always has been. We’re sorry to hear you had a bad reaction. Please give us a call here so we can look into this further: 1-800-800-8572

  13. Terry Hoffman

    Which type/style of canned are the typical goo, ie, almost like it was pulverized and needing a screen to separate it from the oil/water?

  14. Terry Hoffman

    Which type/style of canned are the typical goo, ie, almost like it was pulverized and needing a screen to separate it from the oil/water? EX: Chicken of the Sea

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      Hello Terry, thanks for your interest and question! Chunk light tuna tends to be softer in texture with smaller and flakier pieces along with a darker color. We recommend solid white albacore tuna if you prefer larger and firmer chunks of tuna.

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      Hello Pete, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Our tuna is packed in chunks. Because the fish is so tender, flaking can occur after the cans are sealed, but we assure you we always want to be sure we’re providing the best products. If you are looking for larger chunks of tuna, we recommend products containing solid white albacore tuna.

  15. Donald Fox

    I purchased a six pack of Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Tune.

    Why is it called solid white when it is ground like hamburger. I looked on your website and solid albacore is suppose to be chucks and not ground. I have in the past had cans that were half and half, mush and chunks. Better inspect check your floor inspector.

    # ON CAN 703850ESKP

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      Hey Donald. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We want to be sure we’re always providing the highest quality tuna available. Please submit your contact information here: //www.bumblebee.com/contact-us/ and a member of our team will be in touch with you to discuss further.

    2. Blake Seitz

      I agree. The solid white albacore tuna that you sell is like the chunk light used to be. I switched to the albacore years ago because the quality of the chunk light was not as good as it used to be. When I by albacore solid tuna I expect to open a can and see a light, uniform color and a solid portion of fish that you have flake apart. None like that with the name Bumblebee on it anymore.

  16. Joney

    I personally enjoy the old version of tuna light in oil. I feel its the way I ate it as a child and now that I am an adult I dont have the pallet for white albacore. Its made worse for me in water and solid! Horrifies me lol. Its getting harder to find the old version of tuna and I worry one day you will stop making it. Please dont! I love the old version!

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      Thanks, we’re happy to hear that you enjoy our Chunk Light Tuna in Oil. It’s great in many canned tuna recipes. Don’t forget to stock up on our website. You can get a 12-pack or a 24-pack here: //www.bumblebee.com/products/tuna/bumble-bee-chunk-light-tuna-in-oil/

    2. Charles Chandler

      Why don’t tuna fish have the taste that it had in the 60’s when I was a child? Tuna now don’t have any taste to it. My family has stop buying tuna

      1. Bumble Bee Team

        Hey Charles, thanks for your feedback and bringing this to our attention. We want to be sure we’re always providing the highest quality tuna available. Please submit your contact information here: //www.bumblebee.com/contact-us/ and a member of our team will be in touch with you to discuss further.

  17. John Grand

    I really like your albacore. I tried it once and now enjoy your product at least twice a week. Bumble bee has turned me into a Tuna lover. I look forward to my salad thanks to your product. Thanks to the fisherman that bring this product to my table.

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      Hey John, thanks for your kind words! We’re happy to hear that you enjoy Bumble Bee Tuna and that it has helped turn you into a tuna lover. Have you tried our new seasoned tuna pouch flavors? They really spice up the typical tuna salad.

  18. Robert C

    I been buying Skarkist but just bought some Bumblebee chunk light tuna in water.
    Sorry to say i’m very disappointed. This stuff more of a soup than canned Tuna i coulda drank it with a straw..
    I could barely strain out the water without losing the tuna with it it was so mushy and watery.
    Will be going back to Star Kst which has nice chunks which hold their form……and it was cheaper.

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      Hi Robert, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We always want to be sure we’re providing the highest quality of tuna available. Because the fish is so tender, flaking can occur after the cans are sealed. If you are looking for larger chunks of tuna, we recommend products containing solid white albacore tuna. Check out our solid white products here: //www.bumblebee.com/products/tuna/ Thanks for stopping by our page, and hope this helps!

  19. Linda

    I have found the same problem with the tuna. I was so excited when Bumble Bee tuna went on sale at a local store. I bought 4 dozen cans to stock up, only to be disappointed because it was all so mushy that I now feed it to my cat. The cat is thrilled but I’m certainly not.

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      Hi Linda, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We always want to be sure we’re providing the best tuna products. The tuna is packed in chunks. Because the fish is so tender, flaking can occur after the cans are sealed. If you are looking for larger chunks of tuna, we recommend products containing solid white albacore tuna. Check out our solid white products here: //www.bumblebee.com/products/tuna/

  20. Bill Hewitt

    The last several cans of your chunk light tuna in oil appeared to be what used to be called flake tuna. I haven’t seen a chunk in there in a year.

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      Hi Bill – Our chunk light tuna is packed in chunks. Because the fish is so tender, flaking can occur after the cans are sealed, but we assure you we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality tuna available. If you are looking for larger chunks of tuna, we recommend products containing solid white albacore tuna. Check out our solid white products here: //www.bumblebee.com/products/tuna/ Thanks for stopping by our page, and hope this helps.

      1. Paula Brennecke

        Bill Hewitt is right. There is definitely a change in ‘chunk’ tuna from what I used to buy decades ago. I suppose a bit of ‘flaking’ might occur after the cans are sealed, but not the whole can! And, if that’s the case, why didn’t it used to happen? Sorry, I won’t accept that excuse.

        1. Bumble Bee Team

          Hi Paula. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We hear you and want to be sure we’re always providing the highest quality tuna available. Please submit your contact information here: //www.bumblebee.com/contact-us so a member of our team can get in touch with you to discuss further. Thanks.

    2. Elaine Light

      I fully agree. I think the replies that say “because the fish is so tender, it breaks down” are a bunch of bull. I too am searching for a replacement for Bumble because of the decline in quality making it impossible to find a solid piece of tuna, even albacore! It is very frustrating.

  21. David Storck

    We have always purchased the Bubble Bee solid white albacore, quality is very good and never had any problems.

  22. Lisa

    Can someone explain to me why I have had so many issues with the quality of the tuna over the last year or so. I am a fan of tuna and I buy the white albacore in water. I have found it very mushy and have opens a couple of cans just recently that contain blue mold. It was not from the color of the fish either. I’m concerned about the quality of monitoring that goes into this product lately.

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      Hi Lisa, Thanks for bringing your concern about mushiness and blue mold to our attention. We always want to provide the highest quality tuna products we can. If you could please submit your contact information on our website (http://bit.ly/VVNrBo), we’d love to follow-up with you further. Thank you.

  23. Janet Spencer

    Thanks, Timothy Lillyquist, for stating exactly how I feel. Recently, I’ve noticed a big difference with cans of tuna. I favor Albacore and recently it seems that no matter which one I purchase, chunk or solid, it’s all still mushy and full of liquid. The worse part is the smell …. very fishy.

    Me thinks I’m moving over to the Kirkland brand from Costco as John Peters recommended earlier. Their canned chicken is by far the best – so I’m hoping the quality of their albacore will follow suit.

    I just can’t trust Bumble Bee or Starkist any longer for quality, especially for the price they charge — nothing like the good old ’60s when you could purchase quality canned tuna.

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      Hi Janet,

      Thanks for raising your concern with us. We always strive to provide the highest quality of tuna possible. Have you tried our Prime Fillet Albacore Tuna? That is our firmest and whitest tuna available. We hope it will be to your liking. //www.bumblebee.com/products/tuna/bumble-bee-prime-fillet-solid-white-albacore-in-water/

    2. Denise L. Dettling

      I agree. Tuna back in the day stayed solid. Now I get a can and its filled with juice and mushy. I only buy solid white albacore because of the mooch. But I prefer the taste of chunk, but there’s no chunks.
      Why has tuna processing changed from the 60’s?

      1. Bumble Bee Team

        Hey Denise, our tuna is packed in chunks. Because the fish is so tender, flaking can occur after the cans are sealed. But we assure you that we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality tuna available. If you are looking for larger chunks of tuna, we recommend products containing solid white albacore tuna. Check out our solid white products here: //www.bumblebee.com/products/tuna/ Thanks for stopping by our page, and hope this helps!

  24. John Peters

    Timothy Lillyquist – the best tuna that I’ve had (canned) is the costco-branded (Kirkland) Chunk Albacore in Water. It taste precisely like the tuna of the 60s. Really good and highly recommended

  25. Rodney Budell

    Why are the small cans of tuna much more mushy than the larger cans? I have noticed that your brand of tuna is the least mushy. Some brands almost look as though their tuna has been ground into mush.

    Why don’t you charge more and pack solid tuna into the cans as you did in the past?

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      But we do! We do offer Solid Albacore Tuna as our premium product. You can find it under our Tuna Products in the website. Thanks for the kind words! //www.bumblebee.com/products/tuna/

      1. JC

        Solid Albacore! Thanks. That’s the term we were looking for. Still enjoyed the Chunk White, but we’ll buy that next time.

        1. Bumble Bee Team

          Good question! Due to our commitment to remain transparent and truthful to our consumers, we always include where our tuna was fished and processed before being canned in the US. Learn where your tuna came from with our Trace My Catch feature. //www.bumblebee.com/tracemycatch/

  26. John


    It’s confusing as heck when I go to the store and just want to buy a can of tuna and am confronted with 2 dozen flavors.

  27. Timothy Lillyquist

    I believe it comes down to this. The quality of all canned tuna has degraded over the years. When you opened a can of Solid White Albacore tuna in the 60’s be it Bumble Bee, Star-kist or whatever, you found solid tuna fillets cut in slices to fit the can. When you squeezed the can to get rid of the excess oil or water, hardly any came out. It was delicious. Today’s Solid White Albacore is about the same quality as Chunky White was in those days. It’s comprised mostly of liquid and small chunks of tuna (albeit white) half of which squirts out of the can with the liquid packing juice (which represents about half the weight of what you are buying). And today’s Chunk Light is about the same quality as 1960’s cat food at best; almost pure diluted mush. I’ve been looking for the old style, buying the most expensive brand of ‘Solid White Albacore’ I can find and it’s all the same. I think all the really good solid white fillet goes to Japan, where they pay about $40/lb or $50/lb or more, for it (much of it used for sushi), which no one in this country would pay. I think an in depth New Yorker, or Harper’s style story on this subject would make a good read, if it hasn’t been done already. (If so, link please).

    1. Charles Watkins

      Greetings Timothy. You express it all to well. There’s issues with taste consistency as well. I refound my joys with eating Tuna buying Genova brand. It’s double the price but well worth it.

    2. Bumble Bee Team

      Hi Timothy,

      Thank you so much for your input. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to how time has changed the tuna industry in terms of product quality but we can assure you that we are always providing the highest quality tuna possible to our customers. We now feature our Prime Fillet Albacore products which may be to your liking since Solid Albacore isn’t as firm enough. Please take a look: //www.bumblebee.com/products/tuna/bumble-bee-prime-fillet-solid-white-albacore-in-water/

      1. Gary Wells

        Qualitiy of the meat. Bumble Bee is a high quality product with concerns for customer health and enjoyment of their product.
        Do your research.

    3. Pat Tegner

      Hi Timothy, These days we pack our Chinese, mercury-infested tuna in smaller cans, add more water (or oil), an dthen increase the price as much as possible to still compete with brands such as StarKist. We no longer concern ourselves with “value” or “quality” any longer. It is the money we put as our main concern.

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We’d also like to add how important it is for everyone to continue to do their part to slow the spread. Physical distancing is critical, and we must all take this seriously. We use the word “physical” because staying away from people in a physical way does not mean we should be neglecting the importance of social interactions, compassion and patience.

We are one of the largest providers of shelf-stable seafood and it is our honor and our responsibility to do our part, in every way we can, to help to keep people fed with affordable, nutritious protein. To that end, we’re continuing to run our factories in the US and Canada while our partners around the world continue to provide supply.

We take great pride in being a “people-first” company, so our decision to continue operations is done with utmost concern for the people making it possible. We’ve enhanced our safety measures to meet or exceed CDC guidelines and we have increased wages in our factories to assist employees dealing with the incremental costs of working and new, unexpected demands on their households.

We also take great pride in producing healthy, nutritious and safe products for our customers. Please know the manufacturing practices we follow year-round protect our both employees and the products they produce. Our facilities have very few people-to-product interactions, all products are sterilized in a high temperature oven and then packaged in highly automated production lines.

Beyond Bumble Bee, we’re continually looking for ways to extend our “people first” approach to make a meaningful impact. With so many people in need, we know this effort is more important than ever. We’re starting by donating more than $1 million in product to food banks in both the US and in Canada. And we will be looking for more opportunities to make a positive difference in the days to come.

Finally, I want to thank you, our loyal and new customers, for your support. We hope you find the recipes on our website helpful and easy to prepare. I also want to send a sincere thank you to our Bumble Bee Team and our valued supply partners around the world for their tireless efforts, particularly those working in sales, manufacturing, distribution and all our support roles, ensuring we can keep store and pantry shelves stocked.

Please continue to do your part to keep yourselves and your families safe during this truly unprecedented time.

With Gratitude,
CEO, Bumble Bee Seafoods