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Bumble Bee’s objective is to design and source primary and secondary packaging which minimizes environmental impact throughout the life cycle while ensuring the safety and quality of our products, durability in our customer supply chains, effective shelf presence, and convenience of use to our consumers through application of the following basic principles:

  • Reduce/minimize overall package to product ratio
  • Reduce the amount of packaging going to landfill by utilizing packaging materials which have readily available recycling streams or other end of life options
  • Source from, and leverage the expertise of, packaging suppliers who demonstrate excellence in the area of sustainable packaging and operations.
  • Communicate, and encourage, appropriate end of life packaging handling to our consumers

The majority of Bumble Bee’s products are packaged in steel cans, aluminum containers, paperboard cartons and glass bottles—all materials that have established recycling streams available to consumers.

Packaging Material U.S. Recycling Rate*
Steel cans 64.3%
Paper 54.5%
Aluminum 48.6%
Glass 28.1%
* US EPA Municipal Solid Waste in the US 2007 Facts and Figures


Some examples of the application of our sustainable packaging principles include:

A 2009 redesign of our Bumble Bee and Cloverleaf Ready to Eat product packaging from a composite plastic-paperboard to a carton enabled us to ship 25 percent more units on each truckload taking an estimated 150 trucks off the road each year and saving 14,000 gallons of fuel. The redesign also eliminates about 700,000 lbs of PVC plastic each year, replacing the material with readily recyclable paperboard.

Over the past several years, we have down-gauged the steel in our tuna can by 5 percent, reducing the amount of steel used each year by 1.2 million lbs.

Over 90 percent of the paper labels for our tuna cans produced in our plants and all of our canned salmon labels are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council certified paper.

In 2008, Bumble Bee rolled out a multipack of canned salmon with a shrink sleeve comprised of polylactic acid (PLA), a compostable corn sugar based resin.

Through our partnership with RecycleBank®, Bumble Bee provides consumers incentives to curbside recycle by rewarding them with points that can be redeemed for the products of sponsoring companies like Bumble Bee.