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How to Get The Smell Out of Your Workout Clothes


How to Get The Smell Out of Your Workout Clothes

If you are having a problem with smelly workout clothes, the first thing you have to do is give yourself a pat on the back. This means that you are actually working out enough to have your clothes reach that dreaded stench. Either that or you forgot to empty your gym bags, oops!

We’ve all been there. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can follow to get the smell out of your workout clothes.

Act Fast
When it comes to looking after your workout clothes, you want to take preventative measures. That gnarly smell comes from sweat and dirt setting into your clothes. If you are drenched with sweat after a workout, act fast by washing these items immediately. If you cannot wash them right away, hang them out instead of bundling them up in the laundry.

Vinegar’s Wonder
If your laundry detergent doesn’t include bleach, soak your sweaty fitness wear in one part vinegar to four parts of water for about 30 minutes. This will remove some of the heavy stains and make for a cleaner wash once in the washing machine. Please note: don’t mix vinegar and bleach.   

Hang Them Out To Dry
To prevent the shock of workout clothes shrinking, leave them out to dry in the sun. Not only will you be saving some electricity, but the sun will eliminate any remaining bacteria that might have clung to your clothes.

Let Lemons Do the Work
Another way to pre-treat your smelly clothes is to dunk them into warm water and add an entire lemon’s juice to the mix. The citric acid will help break down the oils from the materials. This method works wonders with your gym socks, too.

Scrub It Out
When soaking your workout wear, focus your attention on the foul smelling areas. Scrub the areas where stains tend to develop with a brush. Focus on areas such as the armpits, neckline, and crotch area of your clothes. Don’t forget about the bottom of your gym bag, a lot of bacteria may be building up in this humid area. 

Get the Ratio Right
In order for your laundry detergent to work, it has to be used with the right detergent to water ratio. If you increase the soap without increasing the amount of water, you won’t be helping the cleaning process.

Do you have any tips for cleaning your workout clothes?

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