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Working Out for a Cause


Working Out for a Cause

Dreading your workout is something of the past now that you have the chance to sweat for a cause! Plus, in this day and age, there are more ways than ever to make sure every step counts.

Apart from having accountability partners or simply challenging yourself, exercising for a non-profit organization or cause will give you that extra boost mentally and physically. If you think this arrangement will bleed your wallet dry, fear not! In most cases, there is a third party sponsor donating the money to a particular cause. All you need to do is sweat and log it!

As part of Bumble Bee, BeeWell for Life® is focused on helping you change your lifestyle and support a cause in the process. You can support a charity by earning points on the site, bumblebee.com. Points are earned simply by sharing your activities, logging your exercise information, or rating recipes! Then, based on the points you earn, Bumble Bee Foods will donate to your chosen cause(s). Currently, there are two charitable organizations to support: WomenHeart, whose focus is on helping women with heart disease and The American Diabetes Association, an organization that provides information and resources to diabetics and those at risk of developing diabetes. You may choose to support one, or both of these great causes.

Charity Miles
This smartphone app is available for free on both the iPhone and Android platforms and allows you to donate money to charity via running, walking, or biking. Charity Miles is an application that calculates the distance you travel and donates a certain amount per mile for each respective activity.  In order for the transaction to take place the user must share their exercise activities on either Facebook or Twitter, and this way Charity Miles gets some advertising as well.

This is one of the most inspirational and innovative apps on the market. stickK was developed by a few ambitious Yale economists with a motivational trick up their sleeves. The trick being; if you don’t reach your goal within the given time frame, your money goes to a charity that you wouldn’t want to support. Don’t worry; you are not in this alone. You will be assigned a referee to manage your progress and cheerleaders to write messages on your wall to energize your efforts and help you keep your money.

With all these ways to get more bang for your mile, there is no reason not to spend a few minutes each day after you’ve pounded the pavement to log your miles for charity.

Tell me, what do you do to make your workouts charitable?

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