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What’s Your Affirmation?


What’s Your Affirmation?

Affirmations. I’m sure you’ve heard about them. An affirmation is, simply, positive self-talk. It’s a statement about ourselves or our situation, phrased in the present tense as if the statement is already true. Affirmations work. How do I know this? I’m a breast cancer survivor and have had A LOT of practice with affirmations. My mantras got me through The Pink Bubble, enhanced my self-esteem, and also get me through each and every day.

Affirmations work to help us change. I’d like to share with you one method to start creating very personal affirmations that I learned in a cancer support group.

1.  Identify your negative self-talk and beliefs.

Do this in handwriting, not with a computer. Connecting your physical self with your psyche and intuition is important here. What our bodies do, our subconscious learns from.

After you think you’ve written them all, wait. More will come.

2. Create some affirmations out of those beliefs.

This next part is not easy, but you can do it!

You are going to write some new statements. Maybe you won’t believe a thing you write. Perhaps you’ll feel discouraged. You’ll probably think it’s strange. But humor me, just like my students did when they completed their affirmations.

Below each negative statement, write a new one that transforms that negative statement into a positive.

Here is one that many people use all the time. “It’s hard to lose weight” becomes “Losing weight is easy for me.”

The new statements must be in the present tense. Write “I am…” rather than “I will be…” or “I’m going to be…” Avoid using the word “try” because “I’m trying” is a self-perpetuating statement.

3. Begin using the new affirmation statements.

Read your affirmations daily, especially in the morning to start your day. Post them on the refrigerator so you see them several times a day. This is just an occasional reminder that you’re transforming your thinking.

Ask your family and friends to help by simply pointing out any negative self-descriptions when you say them. Remember, you’re literally changing your mind.

I’ve done this ever since I learned how, and I promise you it absolutely works. I have a good and happy life and things generally go my way. I believe it’s because I do this kind of work daily.

One day you’ll notice that you are good at it, too! The negative statements will gradually disappear from your mind.

If you stick with this, what’s absolutely true is that:

  • When you write it, the magic begins.
  • After you write it, you can start reading it.
  • When you start reading it, you’ll be able to start saying it.
  • When you start saying it, you start hearing it.
  • When you start hearing it, you start to believe it.
  • When you believe it, things begin to change.
  • When things begin to change, you will understand.
  • And believe.

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