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What You Need to Know About Bodypump


What You Need to Know About Bodypump

What is BodypumpTM?

BodypumpTM is a cutting edge choreographed exercise routine that includes a combination of aerobic exercise and strength training, originally created by Phillip Mills in 1991. This killer combo is said to be one of the fastest ways to get your body in shape because of the partnership of toning and conditioning, alongside a cardiovascular intensity that will get your metabolic rate soaring.

Combining these exercises will allow you to burn more calories and gain more lean muscle and strength while still pushing your endurance and motivation levels.

You won’t bulk as you might think, since you are using your choice of weight resistance at a high repetition, and keeping the fat burning through the choreographed moves; this formula is called The REP EFFECT.

The Benefits of BodypumpTM

Two in One
Because of the two in one principle, you will be getting the best of both worlds. Instead of spending hours and the gym to burn the same amount of calories, you can do one BodypumpTM workout and get the same workout intensity in less time.

Healthy Heart
Cardiovascular exercise is known to increase fitness and burn fat, as well as strengthen the heart muscle. When you are fit you will pump more blood to and from your heart, and have more oxygen traveling to your lungs, helping you to breathe.

Metabolism Miracle
If you are in optimum shape your metabolism will increase since muscles burn more calories than fat. This will lead to the burning of calories in a rest state as well, which will help you achieve the lean body you have been dreaming of.

What to Expect in Class
The BodypumpTM class is a group class and the equipment used will vary from instructor to instructor. Some instructors make use of dumbbells and steps while others prefer barbells. Nonetheless, the goal stays the same. The key is to confuse your muscles and pose a challenge that they aren’t used to in order to push your body to change.

During this workout session you can expect to burn anywhere from 200-600 calories depending on your fitness level and the energy you put in. If this type of high intensity class is new to your fitness regime, start slow and become accustomed to what is happening. Don’t push yourself in choosing the heaviest weight or not resting and hydrating regularly.

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