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What to Wear on Your Run


What to Wear on Your Run

what to wear on a run

This time of year, the weather can be extremely unpredictable, and it’s hard to know what to wear on a run. It seems like one day you’re wearing a tank top and the next day you’re reaching for a parka. I’m not sure what’s worse – bundling up and completely overheating, or ditching some layers and freezing the entire time. With the help of some planning (and possibly a bit of luck), hopefully neither of those scenarios will happen to you.

DON’T dress based on the actual temperature. I know that seems like silly advice, but the truth is that you should always dress as if it’s 15 to 20 degrees warmer out. After you start your workout, your body temperature will naturally rise. That three-layer running ensemble won’t feel as necessary once you hit mile two.

DON’T ditch the accessories. If there is strong wind or rain, a lightweight, weatherproof jacket will come in handy. If it’s chilly out, toss on a beanie or band to protect your ears and head. If it’s sunny, a running cap and sunglasses will be your best friend.

DON’T skimp on the SPF. Protecting your skin from damage is not just important during the summer months. You should apply a sweat-proof sunscreen even if it’s cloudy, cold, or you’re just going out for a short run. A simple way to make it a part of your daily routine is to always buy moisturizers and lotions with added SPF.

 DON’T forget to hydrate before, during, and after your runs. While it’s much easier to remember to chug H2O when it’s blazing outside, it’s just as important when it’s cooler out. If you don’t pass any water fountains on your route, carry a bottle with you. There are some great options for handheld water bottles, backpacks, and water belts out there. Find the one that works best for you.

This may seem like a bunch of “DON’Ts”, but I should add that there is one important “DO”. Do get out there and have some fun!

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