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What To Do When You Miss Your Workouts


What To Do When You Miss Your Workouts

Even with the best intentions, people rarely follow their workout plans to a T. Life happens and we cannot always stick to our plans. In order to stay committed to your healthy lifestyle you have to accept this reality and not allow it to put you off your goals.

First Forgive
It happens. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you miss a workout. When you are focused on improving your lifestyle and your body, it is also important to be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for lazing it out on the couch instead of sweating in the gym. Accept, forgive, and move on.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard
If you are trying to suddenly work in two sessions a day because you missed a few workouts, you might do more damage than good. Overworking your body might lead to unwanted injuries and sickness. If you are trying to squeeze in too many workouts, your body won’t have enough time to recover.

Keep The Bigger Picture In Mind
Sometimes we are much too hard on ourselves when missing a workout. When you are feeling less than productive, try to keep the bigger picture in mind. A few days without sweating won’t stop you from reaching your goal in the long run. Stay focused and re-evaluate your goals in order to stay on track.

Keep At It
If you are following certain fitness routines that require specific exercises on specific days, don’t try to scramble them around. Calculate the day you missed as a ‘rest day’ but then move your next training session as well. Have an extra day of rest rather than a day or two of over-training. The rest days in these routines are scheduled after certain days of intensity, so don’t try to manipulate them to suit your schedule.

Stay Moderately Active
If you are scared of losing your ‘fitness’ on these missed days, try to incorporate some light exercise. If you are missing your workouts because of appointments or responsibilities at home, add some sweat to your daily routine. Take a walk, or do some squats while helping the kids with their homework.

Time Frame
Your workout adjustment will differ according to the amount of days that you’ve missed. If you’ve been missing more than a few weeks’ exercises, you might want to readjust your routine and include some extra sessions, but a day or two won’t hurt your fitness as much as your mind is telling you.

What do you do when you’ve missed a workout? 

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