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Vacation Series: 6 Ways to Beat Bloat


Vacation Series: 6 Ways to Beat Bloat

Summer’s in full swing and whether you plan to hit the beach or not, feeling bloated can make even the best vacation day uncomfortable. Follow these tips to keep bloat away!

Eat a Potato: The potassium in potatoes is not even topped by the ever-popular banana (890mg in a medium potato vs. 487mg in a large banana). Include one medium potato in a meal and you’ve already met 25% of your daily needs. Potassium helps counterbalance too much sodium (and too much sodium can mean water retention). We love oven baked potato wedges with a piece of fish or chicken for dinner. You can even add boiled or roasted potatoes on top of a salad.

Sip Slowly: This goes for keeping your consumption of fruity cocktails to just one or two as well as sipping non-alcoholic beverages more slowly (even water). Gulping down drinks means gulping down a lot of air too, and that can lead to air bubbles in your stomach and intestines, which can cause bloating. Also, skip the straw — sipping through a straw can increase the amount of air you swallow.

Embrace Snacks: Having a snack between breakfast and lunch and another between lunch and dinner serves two bloat-beating purposes. One, it keeps you from getting so hungry that you scarf your food down in the first minute you lay eyes on your plate. Eating too quickly can leave you gasping for air between rapid-fire bites. Two, waiting until you’re famished to eat a meal can mean eating more than you actually need, which can lead to a full belly that turns into a bloated belly.

Skip Packaged Foods with Added Fiber: Foods that advertise themselves as being high in fiber, but contain added fibers like chicory root and inulin, can lead to bloating. These types of fibers can be tougher to digest. Better to get your fiber from foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains, and starchy veggies (like potatoes!).

Take Ten: Take a leisurely ten-minute stroll after meals. This not only feels great if you’ve been traveling, but can help reduce bloating by reducing the build up of air bubbles in your intestines after a meal.

Sip Ginger Tea: If you’re feeling bloated, sip some hot or iced ginger tea. We love Yogi® Tea and Traditional Medicinals® tea brands, which come in individually packaged tea bags that are easy to travel with (just add the hot water!) Ginger and its metabolites tend to accumulate in the intestines — so it’s not surprising that it would be helpful for stomach/intestine-related symptoms. Plus, sipping on tea is hydrating too, which can help reduce bloat if you’ve eaten a bit too much salty food.

What’s your best vacation feel-good tip?

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