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Upper Body Workout Roundup


Upper Body Workout Roundup

When I’m planning my workouts, I tend to get stuck with one area: upper body. I don’t know why, but I am way more creative when it comes to working out my lower body, or core. I’m sure it’s partly to do with the fact that, in my mind, squat jumps are a little more exciting than bicep curls.


The truth is, there are tons of exciting, challenging, and flat out fun upper body moves. To prove this, I’ve rounded up a set of super fun workouts that target the upper body. Get your shoulders, arms, back, and chest ready- they’re going to feel it in the morning!



Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

I complete this workout any time I need to squeeze in an upper body workout quickly. It’s one of my go to routines because I just need a pair of dumbbells. That means I can get in a great workout while watching Mickey in the living room with my three-year-old. Win.


Upper Body Dumbbell Circuit

I love that two-angle shoulder flys are included in this one, because switching up a basic move can be a great way to beat gym boredom.


Superset Upper Body Workout

If you’re still just not feeling a workout, supersets are the way to go. You’ll be done sooner and the time will fly by. And, in my personal opinion, saying Skull Crusher is just as fun as completing one. It’s the little things, folks.


Back & Shoulder Workout

Ready to get your box on? Look no further. This workout has a great mix of weights and cardio. I love that you start to feel like Rocky while punching your little heart out. Bonus points if you turn on the theme song. This workout is no longer available.


Beginner Upper Body Workout

Not sure where to start? Head here first for tips on how to complete moves like presses and curls using a resistance band. Then, use your newfound knowledge to complete a great workout.


Ultimate Sandbag Upper Body Burner

Sandbags sound like they might be fun, but it will be no walk on the beach. For a twist on a traditional upper body workout, definitely check this post out. It includes a video demonstration and totally has me itching to buy a bag of my own.


Upper Body Pyramid + Cardio Workout

This workout challenges you to slow it down for the strength portions. Without using momentum to get you through the moves, you’ll be feeling the burn a lot sooner. A few seconds has never seemed so long! This workout is no longer available.


Beautiful Back Workout

I don’t really ever think about my back per se. That is until I’m jumping into a tank top or backless dress. At that point, I’m always wishing I’d completed a few more bent over rows. These three moves are just the push I need.


Focusing on Forearms Workout

Speaking of forgotten areas, my forearms could always use a little extra work. Thankfully, I’m not alone. Pull Up Bar Hangs, anyone?

There you have it. Those are some of my favorite upper body workouts for the summer. Have one you’d add to the list? Let us know!

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