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Total Body Tabata Workout


Total Body Tabata Workout



Brace yourselves – the holidays are coming! Throughout this busy season, many of us will be spending long hours traveling and eating delicious meals along the way. If you are one of those individuals hitting the road this year, you may want to squeeze in some workouts when you can. A Tabata workout is perfect for when you are short on time, space, and equipment.

Essentially, a Tabata workout is a four-minute HIIT workout. You work as hard as you possibly can for twenty seconds, rest for ten seconds, and repeat for a total of four minutes. These workouts have become insanely popular due to how efficient they are. When done correctly, you can reap some serious strength and cardio rewards. They also have the potential to help you keep burning calories long after your workout has ended. What’s not to love?

If you’re ready to incorporate this type of training into your routine, try the following tabata-style workout. It’s perfect at home, or on the go.

For more travel-friendly workouts, check out this list. Need some yummy snacks to bring with you on your trip? Discover these great spoon tuna pouch options and all the places you can take it with you. There really is no wrong way to get active on the road – especially during the holidays!

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