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Top Tips for Setting Goals in 2012


Top Tips for Setting Goals in 2012

Setting goalsLast week, we spent some time reflecting on our 2011. This week, we need to look ahead to 2012 and set some goals!  Goal setting always reminds me of this fun little story:

 “Day after day a man prayed, ‘Dear God help me to win the lottery…’”

After months and months of this prayer, day after day, he finally heard a thunderous voice from the sky, “This is God speaking. Yes, I will grant you your request to win the lottery, but will you do just ONE thing for Me, please?”

“Yes, God, anything. You name it.”

“Will you PLEASE go buy a ticket?”

 I love this story because nothing happens without action. You have to DO; desire alone won’t cut it.  If you don’t set a specific goal and follow through, how will you achieve it?

Here are some of my top tips for goal setting:

  • Don’t be vague.  Set specific, measurable goals (such as “I want to lose 5 pounds” instead of “I want to lose weight”). If you can’t measure and track your goals progress, how will you know when you’ve hit it?
  • Start small.  Identify your overall goal, and then list out the sub-goals it will take for you to reach that goal.  For example, completing a marathon may be your ultimate goal but it may not be realistic to set it for a month from now if you’re not an active runner. Starting with a 5k, 10k, half, and then a marathon may not only make more sense, but may rev up your motivation to help you reach it!
  • Be realistic.  If you are just making the transition from walking to running, is scheduling a marathon for yourself in June really realistic? Know the difference between need and desire, and be realistic. Instead of focusing all on desire, start with your basic needs (what needs improvement the most) and move up from there.
  • Make it visual.  Last year, I made a vision board to help me visualize my goals on a daily basis. Seeing is believing, so whether it is a board like mine, or simply a post-it that you keep on your computer, give yourself a visual reminder.

Some goal setting questions to help get you started:

  • My goal is _____.
    • One month from now, I want _____.
    • Three months from now, I want _____.
    • Six months from now, I want _____.
    • One year from now, I want _____.

Feeling extra motivated? Change the “wants” to “wills” for that extra boost of confidence and motivation!

I would love to hear your goals or your tips for reaching your goals! Come over to Facebook and let me know, or leave an anonymous question or suggestion on our FormSpring page.

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