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Top Spring Fitness Essentials


Top Spring Fitness Essentials

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Spring is in full swing, but have you really celebrated it yet? Change is always exciting, so what better time is there to switch up your routine? If you’ve been stuck indoors on the treadmill, hit the outdoor track. If you’re tired of bundling up in order to brave the cold, ditch some layers and get moving. Making small changes in your daily life may just give you the boost you need to finally reach a new goal. If you’re still in need of some spring fitness inspiration, look no further. I’ve rounded up my current spring fitness essentials. Check them out below!

Sweat Inducing Workouts

I’m digging bodyweight-only workouts right now because you can complete them in any place at any time. From the backyard to the beach, wherever you are is the perfect place to complete them.

  1. Total Body Strength Tabata from Life In Leggings
  2. Cardio Blast Workout from Physical Kitchness
  3. Boredom Blaster Workout from Creating a Better Tomorrow

Confidence Boosting Clothing

Two things draw me to activewear: great prints and flattering fits. The following pieces are definitely right on target and also happen to be affordable without sacrificing quality.

  1. Space Dye Tank from Holloway Sportswear
  2. Donut Delight Leggings from Emily Hsu Designs
  3. Mercury Sports Bra from Lorna Jane

Energy Enhancing Snacks

It takes a delicious, hearty snack to motivate me before a tough workout. I try to make sure I get enough carbs and protein every day, and the following snacks are the perfect combination of the two.

  1. Snack on the Run! Kits from Bumble Bee
  2. Chocolate Almond Overnight Oatmeal from The Healthy Maven
  3. Maple Spiced Nuts from Health.com


I hope some of my new fitness favorites inspire you to make the most of your spring! If you have any tips you’d like to share, leave a comment below.


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