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The Must-Have Winter Workout Wear


The Must-Have Winter Workout Wear

With temperatures starting to drop, it’s important to adjust your workout gear accordingly. Nothing will distract you from your workout faster than being too hot, too cold, or too damp. When shopping for your winter workout gear, be sure to keep the following in mind:

Comfort First
When you are purchasing workout clothes for any season, you have to ensure that they are comfortable. Always try on the clothes or items in the fitting room and don’t just assume that it’s going to be the right size. Test your movement in the clothes and see if there are any limitations or barriers that will impact your exercises.

Road Reflection
Taking your exercise outdoors during the winter months can be rather risky. Be sure to invest in a good reflector jacket so that cars and motorcycles will be able to spot you instantly. As you know, it gets darker much earlier during the winter, so never assume that there will be enough daylight to make you stand out on the roads. 

Heat it Up
There are numerous products available to supply heat for your shivering needs. Buy a vest that has heat-regulating properties to help protect you from the piercing gale force winds and wet weather. This can be worn underneath your reflector jacket or t-shirt. 

Go for Gloves
Exercising outdoors during winter will make your feet and fingers feel like they are frozen. Keep your feelers warm and comfortable by wearing thick protective gloves. These will also come in handy for other outdoor exercises apart from running and walking.

Waterproof Winter
Since you’ve already decided that a bit of rain isn’t going to keep you from burning those calories you might as well go all out. Buy winter fitness wear that is waterproof. Even if it isn’t pouring rain when you head out, you can never predict winter weather.

Less is More
Instead of overcompensating with too many layers, choose your workout clothes carefully. When you are exercising outdoors you might not have the chance to take off items of clothing, and the last thing you want is added baggage when running. Dress in layers, but choose a loose-fitting jacket or top that could be tied around your waist should the sun show its face.

What do you change about your workout wardrobe for the winter? 

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