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The Fitness Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed: Running Socks


The Fitness Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed: Running Socks

Running Socks

How much thought do you give to your running socks? Having the right pair of running shoes is definitely important, but what is often overlooked are the socks supporting your shoes. From staying in place, to preventing moisture, to providing support, you’d be surprised what a difference the right pair can make.
Here are a few things you need to keep in mind next time you go sock shopping:

·       The Cut: There are two popular cuts for running socks: no-show and ankle. No-show does exactly what they promise: it makes them appear as if you are not wearing socks. Ankle socks hit at or slightly above the ankle. The cut is a personal preference, but I prefer ankle as I’ve had a few pairs of no-shows that start to slide off while running (which makes it very uncomfortable).

·       Arch Support: There are different variables that affect the support the sock gives the arch. For example, mid foot socks have a tight area for the arch. If you have a Sports Authority near you, they have a scale-like machine that can measure your arch and tell you what type of support is best for you.

·       Correct Gender: You read that correctly, there are socks made for women and socks made for men. Be sure you are purchasing one made specifically for your gender.

·       The Wrong Foot? Some socks are even foot specific, so be sure to look for a “R” or “L” before putting them on.

·       Ventilation: Above all, you want to make sure your feet can breathe. Find socks that offer some ventilation and wick moisture.

·       Material: This choice is all about what you like. From cotton to wool, there is a wide array of options. You may even find that you like certain materials for specific distances, temperatures, etc.

While socks aren’t always a glamorous topic to research, they are a very important piece of your overall running comfort.

Do you spend time picking out the right socks for your feet? Have any sock specific questions? Come over to Facebook and let me know, or leave an anonymous question or suggestion on our FormSpring page.

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