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The Best After-School Fuel


The Best After-School Fuel


I can’t be the only parent with kids who occasionally seem more like bottomless pits than actual human beings. The first thing my oldest son says after I pick him up from school isn’t a sweet greeting. No, he prefers to announce his presence in the car by yelling, “I’m hungry!” I really can’t blame him, though. After a long day of learning, he deserves a treat. The only problem is that I want to make sure I provide my kids with the healthiest after-school snacks possible. The trick to keeping us all happy is to offer up snacks that will satisfy their cravings without totally sabotaging dinner. Check out our favorite after-school snacks below.

Homemade Trail Mix

Let’s face it, sometimes kids just need a little something sweet to snack on. For an extra special treat, why not let them create their own trail mix? Put out small bowls of nuts, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, and their favorite chocolate candies.

Bumble Bee Snack Kits

For me, one of the hardest elements to incorporate in their snacks is healthy protein. A simple solution is to keep Bumble Bee® Snack Kits on hand. The Tuna Salad and Buffalo Chicken Salad Snack on the Run! Kits are two great options.

Nut Butter Roll-Ups

There isn’t a more kid-friendly combination than nut butter and bananas. My favorite way to serve this delicious duo is to roll them up in a whole wheat tortilla and then slice it into bite-size chunks. For some extra flavor, add some cinnamon or raisins to the mix.

Fruit and Yogurt Dip

It doesn’t take much effort at all to turn plain Greek yogurt into a fun fruit dip your kids will be begging you to make. Mix in some honey, vanilla extract, and cocoa powder and serve it with sliced strawberries, bananas, or your fruit of choice.

Veggies and Hummus

One great way to ensure your kids snack on healthy items throughout the week is to keep the fridge stocked with grab-and-go foods. By slicing up various vegetables and stocking up on single serving hummus cups, you’ll always be prepared.

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