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The Benefits of a Heart Rate Monitor and How to Shop For One


The Benefits of a Heart Rate Monitor and How to Shop For One

These days we are lucky enough to have a variety of tools available to help us reach our fitness goals. You can arm yourself with motivational apps, fitness trackers, and meal plans to reach your best possible form.

Heart rate monitors are one of those tools with endless benefits. Below is a list of reasons you should invest in a Heart Rate Monitor as a part of your fitness arsenal.

Keeping Track

The greatest benefit of using a heart rate monitor is the ability to keep track of your heart rate. This accessory will help you realize whether your heart rate is too high or too low – you can then adjust your exercise intensity accordingly. Some days you might feel as if you are sweating it out and giving it your all, but you might not be pushing yourself enough. It could be that you are either working too hard or too little; a heart rate monitor will help you calculate your optimum work rate.

Weight Loss and Fat Burning

Several heart rate monitors have advanced settings in helping you reach your goals. You can choose exactly what you are aiming for, whether it is fat loss or weight loss. The monitor will help you stay in those aerobic target zones by alerting you when you move out of them. This will help you get the best out of every workout.

Progress Report

Depending on the type of heart rate monitor you choose, you may be able to check your progress according to the type of training that you are engaging in. You can view the amount of calories that you are burning during exercise and then plan your meals accordingly. Recovering from an injury might be a tough process, but a heart rate monitor can give you and your physician the feedback you need in order to efficiently recover from injury or disease.

Technical Accountability Partner

If you feel like you aren’t making enough progress, listen to your heart rate monitor when it’s telling you that you have an ‘incomplete’ week of training.  With your heart rate monitor you will have no excuses not to make your workout. It serves as a fitness, weight loss, and motivational tool.

How to Choose

When shopping for a Heart Rate Monitor, keep your budget in mind. Heart rate monitors are equipped according to their price class. The cheaper monitors will supply your basic needs such as heart rate tracking, calories burned, and time in zone. The luxury monitors will include features such as GPS tracking and workout breakdowns.

Be sure to also be specific about your needs. Are you buying the product as an athlete, someone looking to lose weight, or just general fitness? These factors will help you compare the functionality and type of heart rate monitor.

Do you use a Heart Rate Monitor? If so, what is your favorite part of having one?

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