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February is the month of love — and that love extends to a love and respect for your health and body.  In honor of Heart Health Awareness Month, we’re challenging you to incorporate more of these 5 heart healthy superfoods into your weekly meal and snack rotations.   Black beans:… Read More»

Q: Which is better choice to use in my coffee?  Coffee-mate Fat Free Vanilla or Coffee-mate Sugar Free Vanilla? A: We wouldn’t call either a “good” choice.  Per Tbsp, the fat free version of Coffee-mate contains 25 calories, 1 gram of fat, and 0 grams of saturated fat.  While the… Read More»

Ratatouille is the ultimate comfort food in France. Although perhaps not thought of as a comfort food here in the U.S., it should be. A rich stewed mixture of fresh garden vegetables is satisfying any time of year. We make our version with a lot less fat than the traditional… Read More»

With holiday celebrations in full swing this week, cocktails and other festive drinks are abundant —  and that can mean calories are too!  We’d never tell you to skip the libations all together, but if you’re looking for ways to enjoy a couple drinks without the calorie pile-up, here are… Read More»