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BodypumpTM is a cutting edge choreographed exercise routine that includes a combination of aerobic exercise and strength training, originally created by Phillip Mills in 1991. This killer combo is said to be one of the fastest ways to get your body in shape because of the partnership of toning and conditioning, alongside a cardiovascular intensity that will get your metabolic rate soaring.

From Crossfit to Zumba® to running, there are numerous ways of staying healthy and in shape that are all beneficial to your body in different ways. If you are looking to keep your heart healthy it is important to engage in regular cardiovascular exercise. Cardio exercise refers to anything that… Read More»

Cardio training is short for cardiovascular training, or important training you can do that gets your heart rate into the target workout heart rate zone. Cardio is great training because it can help you lose weight and build muscle. There is not one specific type of activity that you can… Read More»