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Staying Fit as a Family


Staying Fit as a Family

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I’m sure everyone struggles at one time or another when it comes to finding time to workout. For families, this can be especially difficult. From managing everyone’s schedules to making sure the littlest ones get to bed on time, it’s not always easy to ensure that each member of the family is active every single day.


I switched jobs recently, and the change totally threw off our family workout dynamic. Later work nights mean later workouts, but sometimes a run or weight session at 9 or 10 at night just isn’t an option.


We had to get creative, and we also had to learn that workouts don’t have to be formally planned. They can be fun, and they can include the entire family!


Below are our tips for getting fit as a family. Make sure you comment with any ideas that have been working for you as well!


Start pairing meals with movement. Something we’ve started doing lately is packing up food and heading to the park. It’s awesome because, well, picnics rock! It also has the added benefit of making sure we immediately get up and get moving. Monkey bars are much more difficult than you think!


Make new fitness-based traditions. Run a local 5k, go on a hiking trip, or volunteer to clean up the neighborhood . . . and then do it every year! You’ll look forward to these events and the shared memories you create will last a lifetime.


Don’t be afraid to bust a move. You’d be surprised how many calories you can burn when you’re breaking it down. In my family, the more awkward the moves, the better. Have you ever had a dance off with a toddler? It’s hilarious. Laughing burns calories, too, right?


When the kids start playing, join in. Most of my son’s favorite games involve getting active. From freeze tag to hide and seek, we could all learn a lesson or two from how kids choose to spend their time.


When in doubt, walk it out. When all else fails, head out on a walk with the entire family. If you catch yourselves lounging around watching TV, grab your shoes and hit the road. An added benefit is you’ll hear “I’m bored!” a whole lot less.

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