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Spice Up Your Race Resume


Spice Up Your Race Resume

Running means something different to every person. Some don’t like the competitive side at all and prefer to simply practice this sport as mere stress relief. Others are very competitive and know which shoes to wear, food to eat, and hours to sleep in order to have the best stride.

Whichever way you start out, there is more than one way to run. Instead of doing your predictable 5k local run, have a look at some other creative race options.

Full Moon Races
Instead of getting your run on at the crack of dawn, why not try the opposite? There might be some clubs in your area that organize full moon running events. This will give you a completely different running experience.

Color Run
These races are perfect for creative types. The races start out with all the competitors dressed in white but at the finish they end up looking like running rainbows. How does this happen? Volunteers or staff members throw paint powder at the runners at certain intervals.

Marathon du Medoc 
In France, they have a race called Marathon du Medoc that combines lovers of running and wine in one race. The runners get the chance to taste the wine from the region at certain drinking posts. Don’t expect the runners to be too competitive, it’s all about fun and flair, and dressing up.

Run For Your Lives 
Another creative idea for a race is that of the Zombie Apocalypse. Instead of just completing a normal race, the route is covered in obstacles as well as unexpected visitors. These “zombies” will try to capture your “health” flags and scare you off the course. What a great way to get the zombie-gamer off the couch and on the road to prove their survival knowledge.

Twinkie Run 
Here’s one for the jokers. On April Fool’s Day, there is a Twinkie Run held at the Ann Arbor Gallup Park. During this race competitors are fed Twinkies, from homemade to store-bought. This run is sure you give you a sugar high.

Have you strayed from the traditional race? Tell us about your experience in the comments below! 

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