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Six Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation


Six Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation

Taking a break from work is not an excuse to take a break from your workout routine. While most people don’t necessarily want to spend their vacation cooped up in the gym, there are plenty of ways to make working out part of your vacation.

Take the Gear
The best way to inspire your vacation fitness routine is to pack some fitness gear. This doesn’t mean you leave the maxi-dresses and high heels; it just gives you the clothing options should you decide to break a sweat during your off-time.

Take a Hike
The best way to explore new territories and see the most amazing views is by taking a hike. If you research your destination area, you will definitely find hiking options that promise to fight the fat and broaden your horizons.

Take the Stairs
When you are traveling or chilling out on vacation there will always be an option between taking the elevator/escalator or taking the stairs. If you are a fitness-lover, you probably know how beneficial a flight of stairs can be to your calves and other ass(ets).

Take a Friend Along
Look at your holiday exercise routine as a necessary change of pace. If you have some fitness friends with you on vacation, ask them to show you what they are doing to stay fit. Another option is to try something completely new for the both of you. Switching up your daily exercise routine can do wonders for your body.

Take a Different Route
Most people see ‘being lost’ as a dilemma, but why not get lost on purpose. This will lead to a few hours of extra walking and exploring. Since you will be focused on finding ‘home’, you won’t even realize that you are burning extra calories. If you are in a foreign area, make sure you have the means to communicate should you be seriously lost.

Take a Bike Ride
Instead of seeing the city by bus or taxi, find out if there are bicycling options available. Not only will this give you a lot more exercise than sitting in the back of a taxi, it will also allow you the opportunity to experience your surroundings without any barriers. When cycling in a foreign country, double check the road signs and rules to prevent any injury or accidents.

How do you stay fit on vacation?

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