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Road-Trip Survival Guide: Our Top Fast Food Picks


Road-Trip Survival Guide: Our Top Fast Food Picks

As the first official day of summer approaches, you probably have some travel plans in the works. Travel usually means grabbing at least a few meals on the road or in the airport. If the thought of fast food immediately sends images of heaps of fries and double decker burgers into your brain, you might be surprised by some of our favorite travel eats. They’re delicious, filling, flavorful, and way more nutritious than most fast food options.

Breakfast Options

Stick to 300-350 calories for breakfast options. If you can squeeze fruit or veggies into breakfast, that’s a big bonus!

At Jamba Juice:
Skip most smoothies at Jamba Juice, which can easily pack in 600+ calories and a whole lot of sugar, and opt for the small yogurt parfait instead. You’ll get a serving of fruit, a good dose of calcium and protein from the yogurt, and a satisfying combo of creamy and crunchy textures.

C&J rec: Small Peach TopperTM yogurt parfait (320 cals)

At McDonald’s:
You might be surprised to see the Golden Arches on our list, but when it comes to a simple, non-supersized egg sandwich, the Egg McMuffin isn’t too shabby. They use real eggs, cooked to order, and served on a partially whole grain English muffin.

C&J rec: Egg McMuffin

At Starbucks
We’re pretty open about our love for Starbucks’ food offerings. They use quality ingredients…and they taste awesome. Plus, you can find them in airports (where the pickings are often slim). Their steel-cut oats come with fresh blueberries and nuts to provide a perfectly balanced way to start your day.

C&J rec: Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Old-fashioned Rolled Oats with mixed nuts and fresh blueberries (300 cals — varies depending on the toppings you choose)

Lunch/Dinner Options

Aim for 400-550 calories for your lunch and dinner options to keep yourself satisfied without feeling weighed down.

At Chipotle
We love Chipotle as much for its support of ethical farming and humane animal treatment as we do for its delicious food. Opt for a burrito bowl to save calories (the burrito bowl doesn’t come with the tortilla that the burrito does) and allow more room to load on the veggies!

C&J rec: Chipotle Burrito Bowl with black beans, chicken, cilantro lime brown rice, lettuce, fajita vegetables, and tomato salsa (500 cals)

At Starbucks
Did you know Starbucks has awesome veggie and whole grain salads now? They’ve really expanded their refrigerated food section and rumor has it there’s even more in store this year. Their Hearty Veggie & Brown Rice Salad Bowl has kale and brown rice (they also have a non-vegetarian option with chicken).

C&J rec: Hearty Veggie & Brown Rice Salad Bowl (430 cals)

At Panera Bread
Panera Bread has a lot to offer –– and some options are much better than others. We love the You Pick Two menu option, which allows you to choose a half portion of two entree options (sandwich, salad, soup). Adding a salad or veggie-based soup to a half sandwich portion is a great way to add veggies to a meal on the road (and to cut the calories in a sandwich).

C&J rec 1: You Pick Two: Order half a Thai Chopped Chicken Salad with a cup of Low Fat Garden Vegetable Soup with Pesto and an apple (400 cals)

C&J rec 2: Secret Menu: Power Chicken Hummus Bowl and an apple (410 cals)

Do you have any travel plans coming up? What are your favorite on-the-road choices?

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