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Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers

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Bumble Bee Recipes - Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers

Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers

Flavorful sundried tomato albacore tuna in olive oil takes the place of traditional fattier ground beef in these colorful easy-to-make stuffed peppers finished off with creamy feta cheese. Brown rice and extra veggies make this a satisfying fiber-rich meal perfect for any day of the week.

Prep Time: 35 minutes
Servings: 2


1 can (5 oz) BUMBLE BEE® Prime Fillet® Albacore Tuna with Sundried Tomato & Olive Oil, lightly drained and flaked

2 bell peppers, red, yellow or orange, halved lengthwise

1/2 cup chopped zucchini

1/2 cup chopped onion

1 garlic clove, minced

1 tablespoon oil, divided

1/2 cup cooked brown rice

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

2 tablespoons nonfat plain Greek Yogurt

1 tablespoon capers

1 scallion, chopped

2 tablespoons crumbled feta cheese

Fresh parsley, chopped, optional


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Cut each pepper in half, lengthwise, and clean out the inside of each pepper. Chop the remaining flesh of the top half only (saving the other halves for stuffing.) Brush pepper halves with 1 teaspoon olive oil, place cut side up in a baking dish, and cook for 10 minutes while preparing the filling. saute the chopped peppers with onion, garlic, and oil until soft, about 5 minutes. Place sauteed onion and pepper mixture into a bowl and mix in tuna, rice, salt, pepper, yogurt, capers, and scallions. Remove peppers from the oven. Stuff the halved peppers with tuna and rice mixture and top each with 1 tablespoon feta. Bake until feta is melted and pepper is warmed through, an additional 10-15 minutes. Top with chopped parsley.

Nutrition Information

For one serving (380g) - 1pepper: Calories 365 (169 from fat), Fat 19g (Saturated 3.5g), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 38mg, Sodium 512mg, Total Carbohydrate 29g, Fiber 6g, Sugars 10g, Protein 19g