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Outdoor Workout Roundup


Outdoor Workout Roundup

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When the weather warms up, the last thing I want is to be stuck inside the entire day. A great way to ensure you’re getting some fresh air is to do an outdoor workout. One of my favorite ways to get active outdoors is to complete a quick playground workout while I watch my oldest son run around like a maniac. Anytime that I can combine fitness with family time, it’s a huge win.

When it comes to staying fit, a little creativity definitely goes a long way. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next outdoor workout, check out the links below.

7 Tips for Outdoor Workouts via Chaarg
Before you get started, read these quick tips for making the most of your outdoor workouts. From avoiding the hottest part of the day to making sure to listen to your body, the author shares some great reminders.

Take Your Workout Outside via JillFit
For a change of scenery, head straight to your local running track. This workout combines 100-meter sprints with bodyweight moves, which makes it one killer high-intensity workout.

No Equipment Plyo Circuit via Blonde Ponytail
If you’re ready to get your heart pumping, look no further. This circuit is a great example of how to squeeze a tough workout into your day, because it requires no equipment and only a little bit of free time.

Park Bench Workout via Laura DeAngelis
Do you prefer workout videos to printables? This one’s for you. Every move included in this workout can be completed on a simple park bench, so you can get fit while you’re on the go.

Best Outdoor Workouts via Fitness Magazine
I love this list of outdoor workouts because it includes moves you can complete using items you probably have in your backyard. From trees to benches, nothing is off limits.


How do you get active outdoors? Leave us a comment below!

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