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8 Workout Gear Must-Haves for Cold Weather


8 Workout Gear Must-Haves for Cold Weather

workout gear for cold weather

While the weather has thrown us a few curveballs this season, there is no doubt that it’s still winter. If you’re planning on taking your workouts outdoors any time soon, it’s important to know how to keep warm without overheating. Constantly changing temperatures can make that pretty difficult. The secret to dressing for success? Layering like a boss. Below are my top 8 picks for cold weather workout gear, all of which are perfect for layering up for your outdoor workouts.

1. Tights:

New Balance’s Impact Premium Printed Tights are a great option for iffy conditions. These full-length tights feature behind-the-knee mesh and adjustable zippers at the ankles, allowing you to customize your level of protection from the elements. The gorgeous colors and patterns are a major bonus.

2. Tech T:

A comfortable, form-fitting wicking shirt is essential when it comes to layering. The Flight Touji Long-Sleeve Shirt from The North Face is built with thermal texture, thumbhole cuffs, and inner mitts for warmth and comfort. It also comes in a short-sleeve version for warmer workouts.

3. Vest:

If it’s too chilly for just a t-shirt, yet too warm for a jacket, a vest is the perfect solution. I love the look and functionality of the EQT Two-In-One Vest and Backpack from Adidas. If you warm up during your workout, shed the vest and convert it into a backpack to stash the rest of your gear.

4. Jacket:

Sugoi’s Alpha Hybrid Jacket is a popular cold weather workout gear choice for a reason. It features Alpha® synthetic insulation to keep you warm without weighing you down. The sleeves and sides are built with a highly wind resistant active knit fabric, ensuring that you have freedom of movement throughout your workout.

Neck Warmer:

Neck warmers are a good transitional piece, because they can be easily removed on-the-go. The Run It Out Neck Warmer from Lululemon is a full-coverage warmer with added perforated detailing. Wear it pulled up over your mouth and nose, just around your neck, or ditch it completely after you warm up.

Ear Warmer:

Another small item that makes a huge difference is a great ear warmer. 180s’ Down Ear Warmer is a go-to for women who want to stay warm without a lot of added bulk. This warmer has a patented behind-the-head design, so you can wear it along with other headwear and glasses. Oh, and it doesn’t wreck your hair – win, win.


Last, but certainly not least, are gloves. There is nothing worse than freezing-cold hands. The Storm-FIT Hybrid Running Gloves from Nike are a top choice thanks to their weather-resistant fabric and warm fleece lining. They are also lightweight enough to stash away when not required.

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