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The No Gym Workout: Five Fun Alternatives


The No Gym Workout: Five Fun Alternatives


Are you looking for a no gym workout? We know hitting the gym can be a great thing. From exciting new fitness classes to built-in workout buddies, the benefits of a membership generally outweigh the negatives by a landslide. That being said, sometimes it can be difficult to get to the gym in the first place. Whether you’re traveling across the country or stuck inside during a snowstorm, there are some awesome exercise alternatives out there.  Seriously, if you can work out with a towel, you can work out anywhere.

Here are five fun workouts you can complete whenever, wherever:

HIIT Hotel Workout from Anne Smiles

 You don’t have to skip your workout if the hotel lacks a gym. Did you know you could complete a high intensity interval workout using just the bed? Bonus: you can take a nap right after you finish.

Paper Plate Workout from Fitful Focus

Don’t worry about having enough equipment. This lower body workout serves up some serious moves on basic paper plates. Hand towels work well, too, on wood or tile floors.

At Home Workout from The Fit Cookie

Why hit the gym when you can complete a quality workout right in your very own home? A few weights are a great investment and will help guarantee that you won’t miss the gym a bit.

The Chair Workout via Run Pretty

Pull up a chair and don’t just have a seat. When you can work out with a chair, you can work out anywhere. A park bench will work just as well, which means you can squeeze in a workout while the kids play.

5-Minute Wakeup Workout from Food Faith Fitness

Start your day off on the right track with this quick bodyweight workout. It can also work well for a midday pick me up! We all know the afternoon slump is real, you guys.

What’s your go-to travel or at-home workout? Leave a comment and let us know!

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