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New Year, New Workout


New Year, New Workout


As we wrap up the month of December, a lot of us will be sharing our New Year goals. From trying new things to ditching bad habits, there really is no wrong way to tackle self-improvement. You don’t have to rush into making a decision, though. If you aren’t quite ready to choose a goal for 2017, you can still set the tone for a great year. The following workout requires no equipment, takes up minimal space, and is the perfect way to squeeze in a little activity before you head out to celebrate.

New Years Eve Countdown:

Complete the full workout two or three times, taking breaks if you need them. Remember to go through each move quickly before immediately moving on to the next, but always be mindful of your form. If any move becomes too difficult, feel free to modify it. If the pistol squats are tripping you up, swap them out for skater squats. If you have sworn off burpees for eternity, replace them with squat thrusts. The most important thing is just to get moving and have a little fun. Pump up your workout by blasting a brand new playlist or adding a friend or two to the mix. Either way, it’s definitely a great way to ring in the New Year.

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