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Keeping Children Active During Winter


Keeping Children Active During Winter

Even though they have heaps of energy, your kids might also want to cuddle in front of the television instead of sweating it out. It’s about keeping your family motivated to adopt a healthy lifestyle all year round. Here are a few tips for keeping your children active during the winter months.

Lead by Example
Whenever you are trying to teach your children any habit, it’s best to lead by example. You don’t always realize how your actions are influencing those around you. By committing to a winter workout routine or active indoor activities, they will follow your lead before you know it.

Playlist Play
If it’s pouring rain outside, get creative in the great indoors. There must be certain songs that get you and your kids moving. Compile a list of their favorite songs on your iPod, or even YouTube and see what happens when you start to pump the tunes. Make sure that there is a lot of space for dancing so that they don’t feel limited.

Old School Games
Inspire your kids to move away from their iPads by re-introducing old school indoor games. Musical chairs, hide and seek, and treasure hunts are sure ways to get them moving. Create an incentive by rewarding the winners, but not necessarily with foods or sweets.

Chores Galore
This might be your children’s least favorite past time, but if you already have a chore system in place, this will help tremendously with their physical activity. These chores could include indoor and outdoor activities during the winter months. Before you know it, shoveling snow could turn into a snow fight, or snowman art project. You just have to give your kids the tools that will inevitably lead to exercise.

Family Hikes
Organize family hikes during the winter months. If it’s on the calendar, then it’s more likely the activity will actually take place. Make it an event by inviting family and friends on the outing. Discover new trails and make the best of your surroundings. Make sure there are warm refreshments for when you get back. Sit around the fireplace and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or soup and enjoy the family time.

How do you keep your children active during the winter? 

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