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Introducing Rollover Bonuses: Raise More Funds for Your Favorite Cause(s)


Introducing Rollover Bonuses: Raise More Funds for Your Favorite Cause(s)

On behalf of Bumble Bee Foods and our charity partners, we would like to congratulate the BeeWell for Life community for committing to a healthy lifestyle and staying active.

By participating in our health and wellness program, you have collectively raised over $7,000 this year to help lead the fight against breast cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Our goal each month is to raise $12,500 in order to reach a total of $150,000 in donations by the end of the year. In March, the BeeWell for Life community raised $5,190.61 leaving a difference of $7,309.39 as a Rollover Bonus for April.

Rollover Bonuses are an exciting opportunity to earn more donations for your favorite cause(s). The cause with the most points at the end of April will earn the entire $7,309.39 Rollover Bonus in addition to their share of April’s $12,500 earned by the community.

As a reminder, every point you accumulate is equal to $0.10. Below is a summary of how many points you can earn by completing an activity. To see how fundraising is tracking for each of the causes, you can always view the Leaderboard located on the right column.

Keep participating in our wellness challenges, logging your miles and calories consumed to help your favorite cause(s) earn more!

What points are worth.
1 point = $0.10

Activity Points each Daily Maximums
Each mile logged 3 Log up to 20 miles/day for walking
Log up to 30 miles/day for running
Log up to 100 miles/day for biking
Calories logged
Per meal/snack
4 Once per day
A wellness challenge 3 No daily limit. Max 3 per week

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