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Incredible Athlete Series: Mary Baum


Incredible Athlete Series: Mary Baum

Mary BaumMary is a running-loving Floridian. She loves living in a place that is so conducive to exercise and over all wellbeing. After running her first cross-country race in the 7th grade, she was hooked. She was never a natural, but has had to work hard at the sport her entire life, especially when she had the chance to walk on to the University of Central Florida’s cross-country team. She credits her experience running in college to the way she loves to push herself every day, knowing she is capable of much more than she realizes. When she is not running, cycling, and working out, Mary loves spending time with her husband, and golden retriever puppy, Winnie. Both of them keep her on her toes, and they never have a dull moment. Mary knows that they key to a healthy life is enjoying everything in moderation, but also enjoying everything that life has to offer! You can find her at her blog, FoodandFunontheRun.com.

What is your favorite part about running? My favorite part about running is the community that it surrounds. No matter what – when you meet a runner for the first time, you always have an instant connection and something to talk about. The majority of my friends are runners (or are just starting to run), and I love surrounding myself with so many like-minded, healthy people.

How many races have you completed? I started running cross-country in middle school, and continued on into both high school and college – needless to say, I have no idea how many races I have completed. However, I do know that I have completed five marathons (number six coming soon), and 11 half marathons.

What advice would you give someone interested in participating in his/her first race? For a first race, no matter what the distance, I would recommend to enjoy the distance, and do not start out too hard. It is so easy to start incredibly fast, and then just die half way in. Get a feel for the distance, and take everything in. There will only be one first race – whether its a 5k, 10k, half, or full marathon.

What is your best training tip? My best training tip is not to get discouraged. You will have terrible days, great days, and everywhere in between. Just know that the effort you put in each week will directly reflect what you are capable of. And yes, sometimes you may never want to run again. Just keep lacing up those sneakers and hit the pavement! Just remember attitude is everything!

What keeps you motivated? I am motivated by the competition against myself. I am always striving to beat my previous personal records and really thrive on the desire to be my biggest competitor. Knowing that I can push my body much further than I may think is exciting and scary at the same time.

What is your favorite part about running? How many races have you completed? Who do you look up to for their ability to stay motivated and make time for themselves? Come over to Facebook and let me know! 

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