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Incredible Athlete Series: Kathleen Uhran


Incredible Athlete Series: Kathleen Uhran

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Kathleen is the owner of She Rocks Fitness. She is a runner, yogi, cyclist, strength trainer, and healthy chef who works hard, plays hard, and enjoys life to the fullest. She believes you don’t have to give up the things you love to achieve your fitness and health goals. It’s about balance, moderation, and learning about what works for you and your body. It takes time, patience, and work, but the benefits of living an active and healthy lifestyle are worth the sweat and tears. She is all about helping others. She says “I’m here to train, educate, and support you on your fitness journey. I love what I do and that’s why I’m here to help all of you achieve your goals,” which is why I thought she would be perfect for this series!

What is your favorite part about running? Running is the one fitness activity that allows me to disconnect from the day, world, stress, and anything else that maybe going on in my life. I love the simplicity of running. I love the way it makes my body and mind feel. Not all of my runs are perfect, but the way I feel afterwards is always the same: tired muscles, a sense of clarity, and always smiling. Plus, it’s a great way to get some one on one time with my beautiful golden retriever Kala.

How many races have you completed? Ten

What advice would you give someone interested in participating in his or her first race? Pick a themed race and sign up with a friend. Running a race with a friend helps you stay accountable and on track with your training. A themed race keeps it fun, and if it’s a costume race, it will be good people watching. Running should be fun and enjoyable and a fun race will get you hooked!

What is your best training tip? Listen to your body. Just like life, our bodies have ups and downs, so when you are training make sure you listen to the pain or the pleasure. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s okay to rest and assess the situation. Working through the pain often times leads to permanent injury and frustration. When you are feeling strong, take note of what you are eating and how you are training, and write it down. This will be good knowledge for further races!

What keeps you motivated? A lot of things keep me motivated, but my favorites are: the way my mind and body feels after an awesome run. It is so empowering and you cannot beat that natural high. I love the way my body and muscles look. This comes from hard work and dedication, but it is what I strive for and what keeps me plugging away at the gym and on the pavement. And my number one motivation would be my father. I lost him to cancer while in college, but his passion, dedication, drive, and love for his family motivates me every day to live life to the fullest and just do it!

What is your favorite part about running? How many races have you completed? Who do you look up to for their ability to stay motivated and make time for themselves? 

Think you have what it takes to be featured here? Leave a comment telling me why and you could be next!


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