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How to Wake Up Early for Your Morning Workout


How to Wake Up Early for Your Morning Workout

Danica PhotoOne of the things that everyone I know struggles with is the battle of the sheets in the wee morning hours. How do you motivate yourself to get out of bed and get that workout going? The hardest part of doing a morning workout for me is just that, getting out of bed. How do you leave that warm, cocoon area for the cold, damp streets? Here are just a few tips for you to get your booty up in the morning when you think you just can’t do it.

Set your alarm. Numerous times. I set my alarm to go off about 4 times, within 5 minutes of each other. It’s annoying but it does help in waking me up in the morning. I also do numerous different sounds of the alarms. On my iPhone I set one to go to Mariba, one on Harp, one on Blues, you get the picture. Annoying yes, does it make me wake up? Yes.

Sleep in your workout clothes. One of the things I hate is being cold when I get out of bed. Putting on cold clothes doesn’t sound appealing, and sleeping in my clothes helps me take one less step in the morning and keeps me warm when I start running instead of being cold.

I mentioned that I hate being cold, but one thing that makes me wake up more than anything else is cold water on the face. The very first thing I do once I wake up is immediately head to the bathroom and splash cold water on my face. It’s torture but as soon as I do that I’m awake and ready to head out the door. I know once I do that as well, I won’t be heading back to bed.

Another random tip that works for me on occasion is keeping my headphones by my bed and have my iPhone cued up to a motivating and waking up song and pressing play as soon as I hear my first alarm. Listening to David Guetta right off the bat makes me realize “yes, I can get up.” It’s that little extra boost that makes you think, I can do this.

Remember, motivate yourself. Sadly, you are your biggest enemy. This may be weird, but sometimes I think about all I ate the day before and it makes me get up to work off those extra starbursts I had, or the coffee I’ll have once I get back home.

Running is such a mental game.  It’s tough, it’s hard, and it’s not always fun. But as the clichés go, there is no such thing as a bad run and reminding yourself of the great feeling you get after the run will be always help.  Those positive thoughts don’t magically make you jump out of bed, don’t warm you up when you start, they don’t help that frozen lung feeling when you breathe and they don’t get rid of the phlegm that almost chokes you when you run in the cold, yet rounding the corner on the way home after your run and that smile on your face does give you a great feeling.

About Guest Blogger Danica:

My name is Danica and I fall in the category of “twenty something”. I fell in love with running when I joined my junior high cross-country team back in 1999, but I also ran track, played soccer and ran cross-country in high school. Since “coming back to racing” in October of 2008, I have run many different distances. I love the challenge of the half marathon and the marathon, and little 5Ks — not so much a fan of the 10K though. I live in Southern California, the same city that Snoop Dogg hails from, where the weather is wonderful and the running paths are usually flat and along the ocean. I love watching sports and I’m a big Angels fan. I work for Run Racing doing marketing, social media and event management.

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