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How to Teach Kids the Importance of Staying Fit


How to Teach Kids the Importance of Staying Fit

Anyone who has spent some time with kids, or has little ones of their own, knows that children can be very active and involved in play at a young age. As they grow older, they may have too many other responsibilities at school, lose interest, or worry that they aren’t as good at sports as their peers. Therefore, it is important to teach your kids the importance of staying fit at a young age, so that being active becomes part of their daily routine.

Set an Example
One of the best ways to teach anyone is by setting an example. This doesn’t mean you have to be over the top when it comes to following a strict health and exercise routine, but you should try to live in such a way where your children are positively influenced by your habits.

Let Them Choose
There is nothing worse than parents pushing their children to participate in sports or activities that they do not enjoy. Allow your child to try out a variety of sports and exercises, and don’t just introduce them to the ones that you would prefer them to practice. This allows your child to make up their own mind and you can then also teach them the importance of sticking with their choices.

Establish a Role Model
In teaching children the importance of staying fit, you can help them establish an athlete as a role model. They may not be as reluctant to stay active if they know that their hero is doing it every day. If your child shows interest in a specific sport, choose someone with a good moral compass and healthy habits to inspire him/her.

Encourage Outdoor Play
With the latest technology it can be quite difficult to convince children that they can create the same games outside by just using their imagination. This is where you might want to set some rules such as no indoor games during the daytime. Some parents only allow their children to play with electronic devices such as game consoles or tablets during the weekends.

Introduce Competition
Introducing competition in regards to exercise might not be the most subtle way to teach children about staying fit, but it might just help them discover their inner warrior. Alongside these competitions you should try to constantly remind them that it’s not always about winning, but that participating already makes them a winner.

What do you do to encourage the children in your life to stay fit?  

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