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How to Take Your Indoor Workouts Outside


How to Take Your Indoor Workouts Outside

When you exercise indoors you don’t have to worry about things such as safety, location and the weather, but you also don’t reap the fresh-aired benefits of the variety of exercises you can embark on outside. With outdoor exercises you might have a lot of flexibility, but you might struggle to form a particular workout-plan with no machines or guidance.

Indoor exercises can also become rather repetitive and you might not push your body like you would outdoors. The best tip or advice is to try both and see what sticks. What would be even better is to have the best of both worlds. Split your workout routine into indoor and outdoor workouts.

Regardless of personal preference, many of us were forced to spend our winter working out indoors. With warm weather looming and longer days upon us, let’s look at some ways we can take our workouts outside.

For those that enjoy group training, find out if there are any bootcamp training classes in your area. These camps will allow you to do strength and endurance training outside. Not sure where to start? Drive by some public parks on a Saturday. More than likely you’ll see a bootcamp taking place.

Beach yoga is not the only outdoor yoga option! For those of you without beach access, try to find alternatives like a yoga hike. These hikes are popping up all over the country and the idea is simple: you hike for a bit, stop and do some poses. Repeat. J

The world is your playground
Seriously though, use a playground. The bars, the ropes, the benches, the beams – there are unlimited options for making your own personal gym to do interval training under the sun!

Be sure to keep safety in mind during your transition. You might need different workout gear when you take your routine outside. Make sure that you have the right shoes and clothes with light reflectors for when you are exercising at night. Your body also needs time to adjust to the different surfaces, so take it easy with your first few outdoor workouts so your body and bones can get used to their new platform.

What are your favorite ways to take your workout outdoors?


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