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How To Stay Motivated To Exercise During Winter


How To Stay Motivated To Exercise During Winter

For some reason, every year as the temperatures drop, so does the ability to motivate ourselves to get that workout in! Knowing this dip in motivation in coming, there are a few things you can do to hold yourself accountable so you don’t miss out on valuable workout time.



What Makes You Tick?

We all have things that inspire us to get up from the couch and start moving. For some, it’s hearing their favorite song on the radio or seeing their best friend challenge themselves. Keep a list of the reasons you enjoy exercise and how it makes you feel. Chances are that you just need a little reminder that you enjoy giving your body the attention it needs.

Make It Public

There are numerous ways in which you can make your fitness endeavors public. By alerting others of your exercise habits you will feel obliged to stick to what you promised. Not only does this help motivate you, but it keeps you ‘logged on’ to what is happening in the fitness realm.

Check in on applications such as Foursquare whenever you are at the gym, log your exercises and progress on My Fitness Pal, or post some exercise ‘selfies’ on Instagram. These networks will remind you that even though it might be winter on your side of the world, the rest of the ‘fitfam’ is embracing every possible moment to exercise.

Get Some Winter-Gear

If you are prepared, exercising during the winter months isn’t hard at all. Another way to motivate yourself to exercise during winter is to buy new winter exercise apparel. This way you will be eager to wear that new hoodie or that pair of outdoor shoes.

Set a Goal for Spring

The best way to ensure that you will keep moving during the cold months is by having a goal to work towards. Buy an item of clothing that should be a comfortable fit after winter. Display this piece of clothing somewhere you’ll see it every day. You could even put your ‘ready-to-go’ gym bag next to the item to leave no space for excuses.

Winter Playlist Makeover

Maybe you need to bring out the big guns when it comes to your winter workout playlist. Choose songs that make you dance on the spot, and just allow them to take you all the way to the gym.

Fitness First

If you know that you only want to cuddle in front of the TV with a hearty bowl of soup after a long day of work, exercise first thing in the morning. Invest in a few fitness DVD’s, which can be your back-up plan at home when you really don’t see yourself leaving the house.

What do you do to stay motivated during the winter?

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