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How to Stay Fit During the Holidays


How to Stay Fit During the Holidays

Staying fit around the holidays is not an easy task! Between busy work schedules, holiday shopping, traveling to visit family, and tasty temptations around every corner, it is hard to keep your fitness goals in mind. I turned to the experts, some amazing FitFluential ambassadors and rock star bloggers, to find out how they do it.

  • Moderation, not starvation: Allow yourself occasional holiday favorites, but balance it out with a healthy diet and lots of exercise. – Abby
  • Plan your workouts around your social obligations so that you’re still able to fit them in. – Janice
  • Work out first thing in the am before the business of the day gets in the way. – Toni
  •  Stay hydrated and eat a good, healthy snack before heading out to Holiday parties. Try to avoid going out on an empty stomach. – Karen
  • Fill up on healthy food, enjoy a few treats, and plan your workouts! – Kasey
  • Make it fun! Challenge your friends to a holiday fitness competition, so you’re all in it together! – Heather
  • Walk everywhere you can! Don’t let the cold keep you inside. Also, don’t drink your calories at parties and get togethers. Enjoy real food instead. – Angela
  • I register for a race in the late winter so I’m forced to train over the winter! – Sarah
  • Use your time off of work or school to get active with your family and friends! Try a new workout class, sign up for a holiday race or just head out for a walk! – Lindsay
  • Schedule your get-togethers with old friends as workouts! Take a walk, go for a run, hit the trails…just make sure to keep moving. – Leah
  • Get in some exercise every day. Enjoy the treats of the season, but make sure they’re worth it – don’t eat stuff you know you can have any time of the year. Drink lots of water. Don’t let one indulgent meal throw off a whole day. – Carrie
  • Keep up your exercise and healthy eats. If you mostly keep doing what you normally do those extra sweets and splurges really won’t derail you in the long run. – Erin
  • Don’t skip on the sweat sessions! Call a friend, make a date, and hit the gym! – Linz
  • Stick to your workout schedule–no excuses! – Julie
  • Set yourself some reasonable goals with an appropriate reward at the end of the season if you meet them…. and sign up for a New Year’s Day 5k run… great kickoff to the New Year. – Elle
  • When you feel tempted to go back for that second piece of pie, take a walk, do some sit ups, chew a piece of gum, brush your teeth… anything to change your direction. That short break and fresh feeling will make you less likely to want to over-eat. – Laura
  • Drink water and don’t avoid eating all day thinking you’ll save calories for the “Big Holiday Meals”. That will backfire on you, make you feel awful (mentally and physically), and slow your metabolism. Instead eat mini healthy snacks with a star breakfast so you can feel great the whole day too! – Monica
  • Be thankful, exercise daily, and enjoy the holiday moments making memories! – Annette
  • Maintain as much of your normal routine as possible. Don’t skip all of your workouts, eat your fruits/veggies, but also relax and enjoy time with family and friends with some of your favorite treats. – Suzi
  • Stick to your regular workout routine. It is ok to indulge in a sweet treat but don’t go overboard. Don’t forget to drink your water each and every day. – Natalie
  • I have found that if you take little bites of something that you think you need, you will realize you really didn’t want it. Don’t plan on cheating. It’s much harder to recover from a big cheat meal than just a small sample. – Mindy
  • Get your workout in the morning so you can have fun the rest of the day ;) Make healthy meals so you always have something ready to go when cravings strike! And do not forgot to have a little fun too! – Michelle
  • My biggest trick is to not depend on my “normal” fitness routine. Cold weather is the perfect opportunity to make a switch in your workout efforts and get excited to follow through on them since you are bringing new life to your habits. – Talia
  • Moderation, if you’re traveling bring workout necessities with you and make it a family affair. – Kelly

Now it is your turn — What is your best tip for staying fit around the holidays? 


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14 Comments on “How to Stay Fit During the Holidays”

  1. Courtney

    Talk about holidays is like talking about eat and eat and more eating moments. And the sad thing is it’s so hard to fight the temptations. arghhh ! Thanks for these compiled words and ideas well now I don’t have to avoid holiday foods.

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      We’re certainly on the same boat, Courtney. It’s hard to not indulge, especially with all the tasty treats that come with the holiday season. However, moderation is key! By moderating with smaller portions and pacing, you don’t have to avoid foods that you want to eat. That does nobody any good!

  2. Steve P

    Holidays mean temptation, so it’s a challenge of how to resist temptation. But of course, it’s best celebrated when you eat at parties and family gatherings. This may sound silly but if you’re really conscious of what you eat during the holidays, then it’s good to keep a food journal and monitor your food consumption and choices.

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