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How to Return to Running After an Injury


How to Return to Running After an Injury

Many people dread them, but they happen to the best of runners. Injuries. They sideline you, take your motivation and make you feel defeated. Finally after a little rehab and working through your injury, you’ve gotten the green light to run from your doctor. Before you were injured, you were running 3 miles, 6 miles or even 20 miles completely pain free, so the question is, where do you begin… again?

I had to deal with a serious case of IT band issues when training for the Arkansas Marathon. I completely stopped training and even walking felt painful. When I was finally able to run again, I made the worst mistake and took off for a four miler. I ran it thinking my fitness level hadn’t decreased, and wow, was I wrong! Not only is heading out for a long distance run dangerous, it is also easy to feel defeated when you are struggling to complete mileage that was easy for you prior to the injury.

Here are three easy tips to make sure you get off on the right foot when running post-injury:

1)    First off, make sure you take time to ramp up your mileage. It’s easy to try to overachieve, but that will lead to re-injury or even aggravation of the injury. Make sure to take time to build up your mileage just like you did when you first began training. Starting from square one can be difficult, but before you know it, you’ll be running the same mileage you were before.

2)    Secondly, make sure to give yourself enough time to train for your next race before getting behind the start line. Just as before, taking on too much in too short of time is a recipe for re-injury. The excitement of being able to exercise and run is fantastic, but don’t get carried away and try to overdo it. Patience is key to staying healthy while building up your mileage.

3)    Finally, make sure that you are listening to your body. When you head out for a short run you may feel that you don’t need to ice or stretch, but make sure to loosen your muscles after every workout. Take the time to foam roll to help alleviate stress and release your muscles.

Make sure to take care of your body and listen to how it’s recovering from your injury to ensure strength for years to come. Start off slowly and you’ll be happy you did!

About Guest Blogger Danica:

Danica blogs at The Chic Runner. She loves running, working out, baking and all things related to social media! @chicrunner http://www.chicrunner.com



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2 Comments on “How to Return to Running After an Injury”

  1. Molly Mawhinney

    Excellent advise as most of us after an injury just want to get off that couch and sprint 4 miles! :) Thank you for reminding us that we need to take it slow and steady in order to regain our fitness level and keep on our way of healthy running!

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